I’m proud to present you “The Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings”! This recipe is based on the BBQ sauce I created about a year or two ago. Over here I explain how the sauce was born. The sauce was tested and approved on bacon but I had never tried it on chicken. I invited my sister to come over and try “the blessed bastard chicken wings” and bring me a second opinion. 

Blessed Bastard Chicken wings

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Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

The Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

About a week or two ago I had a few days off. My wife on the other hand was not as lucky as I was. For her work she’s following a serious four year lasting therapie training. It’s hard work and she often needs to make some extra tasks. Vacation or not, she had to go! I’m proud at her doing it great over there! I’ll be glad (not only for me) the school year is almost over! She deserves some time off without having to think about her tasks.

Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

Luckily for me I’m not the kind of guy that starts to panic when I need to cook something myself. There is a bunch of ideas at my bucketlist I want to try. Some of them I know my wife wouldn’t be the biggest fan of. So is this spicy wing recipe… She’s not a big fan of rubs and intense seasoning. This wings can use some. No need to tell you this moment was a good opportunity to finally try the blessed bastard bbq sauce on chicken.

Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

Like I mentioned before I invited my sister and her son to join us. We had planned to go to the fun fair later that day so why not eating together. Meanwhile the kids could play together and I had some time catching up with my sister. At last that was the intention. Reality check: the kids were playing and having fun, result… My son forgot he needed to go to the bathroom. Wet pants nr. 1. Not a second time I thought and put him on the potty… Result wet pants nr. 2. That thing is to small… No more pants would be the solution. Until we were about to leave. I put his pants back on and after a few seconds: wet pants nr. 3. So what have I been doing most part of the day… Cleaning up and changing pants. Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

Nevertheless it was a good day! The cooking turned out pretty good! My sons loved to chew on the wings. I think my youngest would have eaten the bones too if he could… Maybe he knew how to please his dad to forget about the wet pants. Anyway he’s forgiven. I actually thought they would have been too spicy but they seemed to like it. As far as I could distract from what my sister said, she loved them too. She even helped me with the following picture. If you like more wings, give a look at these cool pale ale brined wings with Cuvée des Trolls BBQ sauce.

Did the blessed bastard sauce pass the chicken test? You bet it did! The blessed bastard chicken wings were delicious. At least in my opinion! Join the test pannel and let me know how they turned out in comments below or @social media: Instagram, twitter, facebook

The Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

The Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings



1. About 3-4 hrs. (min.): Mix the apple juice, white wine vinegar and magic dust rub and pour it over the Chicken wings.

2. Meanwhile you can make the Blessed Bastard BBQ Sauce

3. Prepare your BBQ for direct grilling over medium/hot fire (+-200°C/400°F). If possible put the coals on one side of the bbq to create a lower heat zone to prevent the wings from burning.

4. Pat the wings dry and place them on the grid.

5. Turn the wings after 5 minutes and glaze them with the blessed bastard BBQ sauce. Move them to the medium heat zone for another 15 minutes (+-)

6. Have a nice meal!

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29 thoughts on “The Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings

    1. Thanks Ilona! They will fit your summer parties for sure! Let me know if you’ve made them! Looking forward to your feedback 😉

    1. Actually I’m not the inventor of the spice mix but it’s one of my favorites! I like to know what I’m eating so making your own mix is the way to do it :). The BBQ sauce on the other hand is invented over here. Looking forward for some feedback 🙂

  1. Grilled are the only way I’ll eat wings – love the crispy skin and the smoky flavor the grill imparts!

  2. These wings look awesome — I love them when they’re grilled. And I love the story of your little boy wetting his pants! It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with that, but it makes me chuckle!

  3. This brings back memories… we raised 4 boys! Kudos to your wife, and to you for the way you step up. These wings with the sauce look amazing!

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