10 BBQ classics voor het verlengd weekend

10 BBQ classics voor het verlengd weekend

With this blog I like to put my focus wide. I like to experiment on the BBQ, so my preference usually tends towards the culinary BBQ style. Nevertheless, a solid classic BBQ Meal does taste awesome every once a while. With the extended weekend in sight I am happy to share 10 BBQ classics to get started! Pulled Pork, sweet ribs, Moink Balls or rather a piece of smoked salmon, chicken lollipops or a smoky reverese seared steak? Curious to find out which dish you prefer! I find it very difficult to choose for myself. The order of the dishes in this post may not be consistent with the order of my personal preference. Too many delicacies to choose just one favourite, right?


We’ll kick off this overview with a party! No barbecue party without a portion of chicken wings. Simply because they are fun to make and make an incredibly tasty snack. “Finger food” at its best if you ask me and also one of the favorites for the kids. Wondering how to make delicious crispy wings? Recently I shared a post with some tips to help you out!

Crispy chicken wings


Fair is fair … MOINK Balls may be an absolute classic, but personally they are not my favorite. Very nice for one, but the flavours of the traditional “NOSKOS rule” are a bit too intense for me and the original goal is lost in my opinion. That’s why I made my own version of this classic, but they’re not MOINK balls, so they’re just called “Not a Moink-ball“. Magritte couldn’t have thought it better.



You certainly don’t mind doing some work on your food (otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up here). Drumsticks may be incredibly tasty, but with chicken lollipops you will undoubtedly do better! With good reason they belong to the 10 BBQ classics. If it’s any consolation, after a hundred or so lollipops you’ve got the action and it goes a lot faster! Though I hope I haven’t lost the skills in the meantime… It’s been way too long since I made them! Time for a change.

10 BBQ classics


Yesterday (28/05) it wasthe moment again: “International Hamburger Day”. I may be incredibly bad at respecting these commercial days, but burgers are no less tasty any other day. Ideal to experiment with. On this blog you’ll find some nice burger recipes to try out. The Korean dragon burger is my personal favorite. However, do you want to master the basics a bit better? Then with this #start2BBQ post you can read a number of tips and tricks you can pay attention to.


Whether it’s a cote a l’os or a tomahawk steak, I don’t care. A piece of smoked beef seared on a hot plate with a fried rosemary fries and roasted tomatoes… It remains one of my absolute favorites. The reverse sear technique is not a well known technique for everyone although it’s not as difficult as it might seem and guarantees a delicious juicy smoky steak with a nice tasty crust. In this post about reverse seared tomahawk steak I’ll take a closer look at how you can apply the technique.

10 BBQ classics


I’m still surprised how well Pulled Pork is doing! By the way, that has nothing to do with the taste. I’m crazy about it myself! Especially because it’s also very easy to have a portion in the freezer for moments when you have less time to stand behind the BBQ. There may be thousands of recipes for Pulled Pork, still… If I want to be sure of a good traffic flow on the blog it suffices to post a Pulled Pork recipe. Not for nothing a classic. Just that amount of recipes sometimes raises questions. Do I have to inject or not, helps packing and what is the effect, … In this post I share some considerations / choices I make myself when preparing Pulled Pork. For many people Pulled Pork might be number 1 between the 10 BBQ classics, for me there might be some more fun projects to make.

Pulled Pork Dürüm


Maybe the least “classic” BBQ meal among these 10 BBQ classics, but still I thought the Spatchcock chicken deserved it’s place. A juicy chicken with a delicious tasting skin is not immediately the easiest preparation compared to many of these other classics. Nevertheless, spatchcock chicken that is well prepared is an unbelievable taste bomb. Can I choose multiple favourites? My favorite preparation of this classic to date is this Thai Roadkill (spatchcock) Chicken.

10 BBQ classics

3. Smoked Salmon

From now on it will be really difficult to determine an order. The top 3 of these 10 BBQ classics is constantly changing (although perhaps that can be said of the full range). Hot smoked salmon might as well have been number 1. Slowly cooked at low temperature, the smoked salmon melts away on your tongue like a real taste bomb. A lot of seasoning is therefore not necessary. In this case, I feel that the technique is more important than the seasoning. Smoking at 75°C all the way and then quickly scorching the skin. Mmm… Pure pleasure, isn’t it?


Who will blame me for saying smoked ribs must always be in the top 3 of BBQ classics? None of you I guess? You’d better not contradict me on this! Fall of the bone? Isn’t it? Give me some bite though! But as long as you love what you’re making I don’t care! After all … it’s your dinner. Wondering how I prepare them so they’ll get the structure they want for me? Then you can work with these smoky sweet ribs. Don’t worry! Do you really want to make 321 ribs? You can do it with the same ingredients. 321 is just a technique that is perfectly applicable to the recipes on this blog.


We started the 10 BBQ classics with a party dish and that’s how we end it! BBQ is and remains a feast after all. Nachos are standard at parties here. In dozens of versions ranging from classic Pulled Pork Nachos, to pulled chicken, pulled turkey, vegetarian, … You name it and it must have rolled out of the BBQ. Still only one of these recipes is online? Should I change that? Let me know for sure! For now you can make all these delicious smoky bastard bean Nacho’s anyway! Pretty number one, isn’t it? Let it taste!

Bastard bean nachos

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