3 kazenbrood met gebrande prei – #Fastpizza

3 kazenbrood met gebrande prei – #Fastpizza

Now that we can’t travel, the term staycation is probably the most used new word after corona. But honestly… We regularly try to go out in our own region to get some rest after a busy week at work. Those who know the area around Kortrijk (Belgium) may have visited music pub Pand.A. A cozy child-friendly café near the station where you can discover a wide selection of beers. Ideal to go with the kids and have a small bite once a while. The “Cheesy, herby turkish bread” for example, could occasionally make us happy on a sunny evening this summer. You don’t have to look far to find out where I got the inspiration for this 3 cheese pizza bread with roasted leek!

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Sometimes there are those luxury problems that make your whole body tickle. I was allowed to discover this last week, when the young guests of Vonken Ovens delivered their wood-fired oven to pimp up my garden. After a more than successful workshop a few months ago, I was enthusiastic about their project and drive for perfection. When the question arose whether I would like to help them think about the further development and expansion of the wood-fired oven based on my experiences with smoking, I didn’t have to hesitate for long. Youthful passion for cooking on fire deserves some support and so it happened. On a rainy evening, in perhaps the busiest week of the past year, the beautiful wood fired oven is placed in my garden. With the communion of my youngest son (who by the way was struck by illness) and some more projects that had to be finished, there was hardly time to test this toy. But if it tickles … you have to work out (is a Belgian saying). BBQ is also a sport so we just do what’s suggested;

In order to be able to play with the wood fired oven for a while I decided to take some time on Sunday evening between the rainstorms to fire the Vonken oven with the goal to get to know this wood oven and find out how I can control the fire. A more extensive review will follow when I have more experience with the oven. While the fire is burning I might as well make a bite. My wife must have felt the same need for rest when she proposed to make this 3 cheese pizza bread. We don’t know the exact recipe for the “Cheesy Herby turkish bread” so I went for my own interpretation that is very close to the original. By the way, this 3 cheese bread can best be compared to a fast pizza where you use Turkish bread as a base instead of freshly made dough.

Since I’ve just started a new sourdough, it is definitely on the planning to make the Turkish bread from scratch soon. But due to some lack of time I sent my wife to Supermarket Rahman in Kortrijk. Known for its Turkish specialties with a wide range of Turkish breads in its range. Had it depended on the local trader my wife came home with 20 varieties. Luckily she is empowered enough to choose the best piece instead of the whole bunch. We make the sauce for the 3 cheesebread with a mixture of goat cheese, cheddar and parmesan cheese supplemented with sour cream. Further seasoned with roasted leek, spring onion, thyme and zest of lime to freshen up a bit. Then you slide the Turkish bread with toppings in the wood oven at 220 ° C so the cheeses can melt nicely without the sandwich burning completely (less than in the picture was the case :p).

I made this 3 cheesebread in two variations where one variant was baked at a higher temperature and the edges also turned a little black. However, the bottom of the 3 cheeses bread became crispy and the warmed dough of the Turkish bread gave a pleasant light texture to this fast pizza. The roasting of the leek gives an extra roasted taste in this delicious snack and also leads to a fuller savory taste in the leek and spring onion. To balance this, the zest of lime was a pleasant refreshment. Working with the wood-fired oven was in any case very relaxing. Watching the flames while cooking still gives a very relaxed feeling. Perfect to end the Sunday in peace. Does it still fit in your planning for next weekend?

3 Cheese bread with roasted leek
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins
Fancy a pizza but no time at all to make a dough? This 3 cheese bread is the ideal solution. With a bottom of Turkish bread you can create your own tasty Cheesy sandwich in no time, which is incredibly reminiscent of a white pizza.
Course: Appetizer, lunch, Snack
Cuisine: Flemish, Turkish
Keyword: 3 cheese, bread, cauliflower cheese sauce, Dutch oven, pizza, turkish, vonken, wood fired
Servings: 4 people
  • 1 Turkish bread
  • 200 grams sour cream
  • 100 grams of fresh goat’s cheese
  • 75 grams of grated cheddar + 1 extra hand for finishing
  • 50 grams parmesan cheese
  • 1 piece of leek
  • 1 spring onion
  • some cherry tomatoes
  • Thyme to taste
  • pepper and salt to taste
  • zest of 1 lemon
  1. Light your wood fired oven (or BBQ) and preheat it to a temperature of +- 220°C. Place the ceramic stone (or pizza stone) in the oven and let it preheat.
  2. While the wood-fired oven or BBQ is heating, place the washed leek and spring onion next to the burning wood until they are blackened. Turn regularly for even cooking and then leave to cool slightly.
  3. Cut the cherry tomatoes into small pieces, season at taste with lime and salt and leave to drain for 10 minutes.
  4. Mix the sour cream, fresh goat’s cheese, cheddar and grated parmesan and season to taste with pepper, salt and thyme.
  5. Cut the Turkish bread in half and spread half of the cheese mixture on each side.
  6. Remove the burnt outer leaves of the leek and spring onion and cut them into rings which you place on the 3 cheesebread together with the tomatoes. Finish with some freshly grated cheddar cheese.
  7. Place the 3 cheesebread in the wood oven until the cheese is nicely melted. Turn the Turkish bread regularly a quarter turn to prevent the sides from turning as black as was the case here (#multitasking is not an option during this phase as it turns out).
  8. Remove the 3 cheesebread from the wood oven and grate some fresh lemon zest over it.
Cut the 3 cheesebread and serve as a snack or full meal. Enjoy your meal!

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