Wat kan je bij BBQ drinken? Esteban Casteur (Rebelle)

Wat kan je bij BBQ drinken? Esteban Casteur (Rebelle)

We are all so fond of those wonderful days when we can enjoy a nice meal in the open air with good company. The BBQ is fired, a nice bottle is pulled open and there are happy faces everywhere. But what can you drink at a BBQ to surprise your guests? Together with Esteban Casteur of the refined restaurant “Rebelle” in Marke (Belgium) I made some dishes for Tendens TV on the BBQ. Esteban brought a selection of drinks that lend themselves perfectly to an extensive BBQ. In this post I may share this advice with you. According to Rebelle tradition I can guarantee you that he dares to abandon the traditional paths with success. Ever drunk sake when eating Steak?

Disclaimer: Post in collaboration with Tendens TV and Esteban Casteur. All opinions expressed are sincere.

Today 4 July I can proudly announce the 4-part mini series around BBQ on Tendens TV has started. Every Saturday in July you can expect a new episode in which I will explore different aspects of the BBQ world together with a variety of guests. A very nice experience among West-Flemings. If you need a translation I would like to help you on your way. It seems that the West Flemish ethymological dictionary is highly recommended. In the first episode which can now be seen on WTV as well as on the web page of Tendens I’m going to fire the Traeger to make some nice plates together with Esteban Casteur, who will be sharing some drinks with us. We will start with a fresh snack in the shape of a toasted Turkish bread with horseradish cream and smoked pork cheeks. The recipe for this will follow at the end of this week, but I don’t want to deprive you of the advice.

Esteban Casteur BBQ drinken pairing


1. A FRESH LOCAL START: MAG DA 2018 FROM “Lijsternest”

As an approach for the drinks I decided to abandon the traditional… Exaggerated aperitifs with massive beer and wine, each 5 pieces of meat with surplus a choice of sides is just not my type of barbecue… Luckily It’s not Simon’s type of BBQ either so we quickly agreed on who to approach this session. Like our bbq we like to go rough and refined, drinking some elegant options with a rough touch. As an opener we started with a wine from domain Lijsternest. The wine domain from Otegem is run by Servaas Blockeel! A down to earth dude with a sparkling passion for pure wines ! We tasted his Mag Da of 2018. This is a red wine that we chilled lightly for the aperitif … soft & elegant, supple, juicy and a bomb of red fruit with violet and cuberdon. Why red wine as an aperitif? In addition to the pork cheeks by the bite which could appreciate a beautiful red wine, this wine prepares your pallet for what will follow and drinks away very easily. Robust enough for the male wine lover, but refined and elegant to charm the women.


If you don’t drink alcohol, you don’t have to worry so much these days. Don’t drink and drive unless you are settled for a non alcoholic alternative. Loads of options are hitting the market these days. For example, l’Antidote from the French wine domain Romain des Grottes has come up with a nice alcohol-free alternative. This winemaker from the Beaujolais works on sparkling wines without alcohol on the basis of the Gamay grapes. By mixing the pressed grape juice with fermented apple juice, plants and herbs he creates a sparkling wine full of taste. This sparkling wine is slightly sweet but the spicy notes bring it into balance. Who doesn’t like bubbles to kick off a party? A quiet start is great for those who still have to hit the road without compromising on taste. The strength that lies in this sparkling wine makes that it can also hold its own with the main course served. Drinking the BBQ carefree, this alternative works perfectly.

Cote a l'os

3. Something more familiar: PITHOS ROSSO OF DOMAIN COS.

In southern Sicily we find the wine domain Cos where the “Pithos Rosso” is made. At the foot of the Etna volcano the rich soil contains volcanic traces. This rich soil is the basis for the characterful wines from the region. This wine made from Nero d’Avola and Frappato grape is not inferior. We notice in this wine subtle roasted notes typical of the soil on which they have grown. These roasted notes combine well with a piece of meat on the BBQ. Simon prepares a reverse seared Cote é l’Os smoked on oak so the flavors complement each other nicely. We also notice a certain finesse due to the hints of ripe red fruits and a mild spiciness that lends itself well with the Turkish salad of roasted vegetables. Especially the juicy aftertaste is welcome at a BBQ feast, which makes it a smooth drink despite its rich flavours.

4. INNOVATION WITHIN TRADITIONS: “IN de naam van de vader: DOUBLE Beer” BY Heilig Hart BREWERY

As a second option for the main course, we also like to serve a beer according to Belgian tradition. We choose a beer from the charming Heilig Hart brewery in Kwatrecht. This brewery is situated in a devotional church that serves as inspiration for the developed beers. A beer that honors the local traditions by profiling itself with a double beer. This means that there is a double sorting of the malt, which leads to the known caramel touches. In addition, the choice of hops (Magnum and Goldings) and the addition of liquorice and sugar make the difference with many other double beers. These ingredients make this beer taste fresh and innovative. The addition of sugar and the hops create a balance which weakens the caramel hints a little and this beer can be served as a refreshing smooth drink with a nice piece of meat. Perfect on a hot BBQ afternoon/evening.

Reverse seared Cote a l'os


Why walking the line when it’s beautiful on the side of it? There are so many nice paths to follow besides the classics. From this point of view I opted for a probably surprising drink to serve with the main course. Biden Saké is a 20 year room temperature matured sake made from white locally grown rice. This sake is made according to the traditional Yamahai Method. This aging process leads to the development of complex flavors in the sake, releasing a bomb of Umami. Surprising flavours such as garlic, soy, shallot, … contribute to the full flavour of the sake, which can be served lukewarm to lightly heated. In combination with the Maillard reaction to a piece of smoked beef, you end up with a heavenly combination of flavours that will undoubtedly make an impression on your open-minded guests. A surprising shot hitting the bull’s eye.


Traditionally, everyone is already stuffed when dessert is served and there are only a few left who can handle more food madness. Until you bring out the bottle of Yuzu Sake. This Sake flavoured with the Yuzu fruit forms a refreshing finish that will alert you with a citrus punch just when your taste buds are about to become saturated. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit whose juice is collected and added to the clear rice wine. This combination leads to a refreshing “dessert wine/citrus liqueur” of 7%. Not too heavy in alcohol so that “Uncle George” gets home safely. This light alcoholic beverage can best be described as a fresh finish that can be compared to a sorbet in the tasting menu to help the digestion of food. Only quite better than the average sorbet.

Yuzu sake

As a lover of BBQ and the good life I tasted this unique experience to the fullest (sometimes literally). The drinks selected by Esteban were all a big hit. With the surprising Saké’s as a highlight. The Biden sake is perhaps the least accessible drink that was suggested, but then it turned out to be the best match for Food Pairing. What a taste bomb! Which can also be said of the dessert. If you thought Limoncello was good… Guess again… Yuzu sake is even better! After the BBQ we will drink a Yuzu saké from now on (although I guess I’ll have to supply generously). Furthermore, I certainly remember the other drinks, each one for its own reasons mentioned by Esteban earlier, which make the taste buds dance. If you’re still in doubt what to drink at the next BBQ I can recommend a glass of water ;). Have fun and enjoy the summer!

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