Scott Lane’s BBQ family – A trail of Passion

Scott Lane’s BBQ family – A trail of Passion

Do I need to say it’s an honour to introduce Scott Lane to the trail of passion? Being one of the founding fathers of U.K.’s BBQ tradition. Team-member of the prestigious “Miss Piggy’s BBQ team“, representing their nation in world wide competitions and taking several prices (2 times European Champion to radomly name one of them). But their fame goes beyond the ocean. They won awards in 8 different states and 2 invitations for the “Jack Daniels’ World Championship” and first european team to appear in “BBQ Pitmasters“. But the highest price they might receive goes out to their attitude towards fellow BBQ’ers, they refere to as “Our BBQ Family”. The biggest prove of this attitude is the nomination they received from Birger who brought me in contact for this portrait:

 BBQ Family Scott-

Scott Lane:

We have been asked to continue the trail of passion for a great series of articles about different people stories in BBQ and we have been kindly nominated to continue the trail by Birger Allary from Tjoppie Doppie BBQ team of Belgium.

Birger Allary: part of BBQ Family

We met Birger on the BBQ trail and spent time chatting with him about bbq and how we do things, which we try to do with everyone interested. Our belief has always been that if we want bbq to grow we all need to spend time with people when they show an interest in what we all do at a competition. Otherwise no new teams will emerge and we will be in a situation where the same ten or 20 teams will be competing each week and our beloved sport/hobby will never grow. For this reason we all need to take time to help new teams also, because if new teams don’t improve it won’t be long before they give up. Birger has been one of the many that has embraced bbq and very quickly learned and very quickly become one of the top teams in Europe. Tjoppie Doppie is now a team that others are very aware of their capabilities. On a personal note I am pleased and proud to call Birger a friend and bbq brother now (and not only for the fantastic food he and his team prepare for Friday night dinners together haha).

BBQ Family Search for Birger

A growing love

Most people we meet, seem to think that our day jobs are within bbq, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I run my own business repairing carbon fibre fishing poles, whilst Lyndsey works as a year head in a school. It would be easy to say that BBQ is our hobby, but it is far more than that. Since 2010 when we began competition bbq it has become one of the biggest things in our lives.

BBQ Family Disney

We have had a long time love of visiting the U.S. We have been at least once a year since 1999. We started by taking our two sons to Disneyland Florida and when they got older we started to go to the Florida Keys. This is where my love affair with real bbq began. Whilst fishing from the dock one day we were chatting with a guy from North Carolina (some claim the birthplace of BBQ). He posed the question as to whether we, in the U.K. did any barbecuing, to which I replied ‘of course we do, when the weather is good enough’. He asked ‘so what d’y’all cook on and what d’y’all cook?’ I replied ‘well we cook burgers and sausages etc and we’ve got a little round kettle bbq’. His words, whilst laughing, were ‘Man that ain’t barbecuing that’s grillin’. We chatted for hours after that and he showed me pictures of his smoker back home that was as big as a truck and explained the differences between our bbq and real bbq. At this point the owner of the resort we were staying in said he had a smoker and would cook us some beef ribs……8 hours later after eating some of the best food I had ever tasted I was hooked and knew I had to learn more.

BBQ Family Smoker

On our return to the U.K. it was approaching my 40th birthday so Lyndsey managed to find (after a lot of searching) a small, affordable smoker called a Pro Q. I spent the next few years figuring out how to cook on it and experimenting with different woods and meats and in 2010 we entered our first competition with 8 teams. We placed 6th (I think) but we took a first in Brisket and from that moment Miss Piggy’s embarked on the competition journey.

The best of two worlds

We now have combined our two hobbies in life, travel and BBQ. We have always wanted to visit every state in America, but now we want to cook in every state. We have reached 10 so far.

So 5 years on and we have so many fabulous memories and great times that BBQ has given us. Possibly too many to list such as :- Representing the U.K. twice at the Jack Daniels World BBQ Championship, Being twice winners of the European Championships and achieving a 700 pin in a KCBS contest in Sweden, but most importantly it has been about the friendships made from the very first day until now and the great times spent with those friends we call bbq family. A funny moment to sum up so far would be following our 2014 win at Ruhrpott, which at the time was the biggest competition in Europe with a 10,000 euro 1st prize. When asked by Byron Chism of Buttrub what we planned to do with the money, my answer was ‘Spend it on more competitions’, which is exactly what we did.

But that’s not all, we also invested in a new line of BBQ products. We’re going to sell a personalized BBQ Rub called “Pig Swill Fairy dust”. The fairy dust is a blend of flavour enhancers used as a base layer on every competition meat. Ground from real fairies wings. The Pig Swill BBQ Sauce brings some sweet with a little bit of heat to the meat. Both will be available from January. Belgian and Dutch readers could order it at Vuur en Rook. Others could take a look at our facebook page

BBQ Family-

Influenced by a BBQ family

I have had many people over the years that have influenced my bbq path. 99 % have been good people. It is important to know that even the bad experiences can lead to great things, if you know how to turn them in that direction. If it were not for some bad experiences of bbq in the UK early on in our bbq journey, that journey may not have taken us to compete in Europe and to the enormous growth and fantastic bbq family that we have there now.

In terms of BIG influences to me the following people stand out and I hope that one or more of them will carry on this trail of passion.

Adie Platts Bite the Bullet BBQ team U.K.

BBQ Family AdieAdie and his family went out of his way to help us on our very first competition, when we arrived with one little pro q and very little else. He loaned us lots of equipment and made us feel more than welcome. We have gone on to become great friends and even started the UK BBQ association together, which brought the very first KCBS contest to the U.K. The association has now ceased and Adie no longer competes, which is an awful shame as this man was one of the pioneers of bbq in the U.K.



Byron Chism BBQ team and owner of Buttrub.

BBQ Family ByronWhilst Adie was a pioneer of U.K. bbq, the same can probably be said for Byron in the U.S. He has been involved with competition bbq right back to the 80’s . I have known Byron for almost 4 years now and in that time he has helped me in my bbq journey in many ways. He has the perfect attitude to bbq, which is shown in his unselfish support and help towards other teams, mainly over in Europe. He has recognized that we, Europeans love the American bbq and everything that surrounds it and he has always offered help in anyway to support the growth. He supports any team that wishes to travel to the U.S. to compete. He supports many competitions in Europe on a financial level.


He even offers free support and critique of teams wanting to know where they are going wrong, which is normally something that you will pay a lot of dollars for. Byron has been a great influence on my bbq and more importantly my attitude to bbq in general, which is very important to learn.

Benny Adauto (Funtime BBQ)

BBQ Family 2


Another person who fits in to the same category is Benny Adauto of Funtime BBQ California. Benny helped us on our very first U.S. competiton in 2012 and we have since remained good friends. I have learnt many things from Benny in terms of bbq and would like to think I am learning to have the same attitude and respect towards it that he has.



Tuffy Stone (Cool Smoke BBQ Virginia)

BBQ Family TuffyMy BBQ ‘hero’ has always been Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke bbq Virginia. Back in 2010 Adie managed to get copies of the first BBQ Pitmasters series and I immediately thought the guy was great and a perfect example of what competition bbq should be about. In 2012 I got to meet him whilst we appeared on BBQ Pitmasters and quickly found out that there was no difference between TV Tuffy and real life Tuffy. It was an honour to personally congratulate him on winning his second Jack Daniels world title this year. A very gracious and respectful gentleman, and in my opinion the best BBQ pitmaster in the world.


Thanks for sharing your story Scott! It’s been interesting to read how passionate you talk about the people who share your passion! It’s clear the people you name share a same feeling for the BBQ community as you do! Since you had a hard time chosing one person to follow in “The Trail” I’ve picked Adie as your successor. I like how he did what you did for Birger! Moreover he has been an important person for british BBQ and look at his unique BBQ! I wonder why he quit competing. He told me about charity in a first contact too… Enough food for an interesting talk. I’m grateful you brought me in contact with your BBQ family! To those reading: please share if you appreciate the big attitude these guys present!

Legal note: I'm not paid in any way for naming products or shops! All references are based on the story brought by Scott Lane.