Eggs in a Bun – Using leftovers for a delicious breakfast

Eggs in a Bun – Using leftovers for a delicious breakfast


eggs-in-a-bun. Your answer to your hangover and holiday leftovers this holiday season. Delicious on the BBQ with a touch of smoke. Oven convertable if you desire.

Holidays are coming! When you’re on cooking duty during Christmas you might serve some buns along one of your meals. Usually most of these buns are among the leftovers and drying out pretty soon. That problem is solved by now! These eggs in a bun are your perfect hangover solution for those leftovers. You won’t believe how good these buns taste on the BBQ. Perfect for brunch if you ask me.

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It seems like I’m sharing some easy meals lately. The smoked chocolate I shared last week is just as easy to make as this one. The kids are able to help and will love too!. Just make sure they don’t hurt them while putting them on the grid. I don’t want your pitmaster trainee get hurt while cooking their breakfast.eggs-in-a-bun

People following for a while might have seen this recipe on this site earlier. I’ve made them a couple of times since then just because they are that easy to make! They are a perfect starter when you wake up early in the morning for a low and slow session. It brings you enough energy to keep going until it’s time for an early aperitif. Last time I decided to take some new picturers since the ones I made before were a bit sloppy. I think these ones bring more honor to the recipe.

Eggs in a bun: 3 versions

First time I made these I had a day off and stuck with some leftover buns, eggs and bacon, … I had seen this idea on a BBQ forum I’m following and thought it would be nice to give it a try. First time I made three slightly different basic versions using what I had in the fridge. A a regular one with only eggs in a bun, another one with scrambled eggs and chili powder and the last one with cheese on top.  But you could go as creative as you want with these eggs in a bun. Try adding some mushrooms, bell peppers, hot peppers, … or whatever you prefer in the morning. This time I made two since I had only two buns left…


Go outside and have fun!

I am aware these are oven convertable too (like all of my recipes). Yet I would encourage you to go out and light a fire! Like most of the time the addition of a slight touch of woodsmoke brings an extra depth. The eggs get really tasty when smoked properly. Plus you could start cooking your lunch or dinner while eating breakfast. How cool is that. All three versions passed the test, although I got lost in drinking a delicious cup of coffee and reading in a magazine so the intended soft boiled version turned into a hard boiled one. Let it be a lesson I learnd for you: “If you want a soft boiled egg, watch the time!” Luckily one of them was still runny. That’s how I like them best.

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Egg in a Bun: Leftover cooking on the BBQ

Egg in a Bun: Leftover cooking on the BBQ


  • 3 or more buns
  • 3 eggs
  • 6 slices of bacon (or more if you like)
  • Grated cheese
  • Chili pepper
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Tools:
  • A BBQ with lid (I use this kamado)


Fire up your BBQ for indirect fire at 180C/350F.

While the fire is heating up you can start by slicing the buns and pick out the centre. You can use this to make croutons if you want.

After you removed the centre you put in the slices bacon and crack the egg on top of it. You can scramble it before if you prefer scrambled eggs.

No you can go creative on this part by adding some toppings. I kept it simple and only used what I had at home. So I added some chili pepper, cheese, pepper and salt.

Place the buns on your BBQ for about 10 - 15 minutes, depending how firm you want them to be.

Hint: Don't start reading when you want them soft boiled...

Have a nice breakfast

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