Mallmann Francis: inspired by bonding issues?

Mallmann Francis: inspired by bonding issues?

Winter is coming. The days are getting shorter leaving us for a long period of dark evenings. However I like to be out in the cold, it can be verry comforting to come inside and have a cozy evening in the sofa. But I guess I’m not the only one searching for some worthy programs to spend your time on?

However I’m rather open minded on what I’m watching, I found out only a few programs standing out and giving me the feeling they really added some value to my evening (besides the cozyness and comfort my wife brings along with her presence). Thinking about what makes the difference leaves me with this conclusion: “They inspire me by tickling my dreams.”

Within this categorie of programs there are two types to recognize… The first and more meaningless programs where people fool around living their dreams for a moment and being payed for playing like teens. Peter Pan syndrome for the win! The other categorie goes even beyond this syndrome. They show the true personality of inspiring people, each with their own strengths and vulnerabilities. Not in a sensational way but with respect for the person they’re talking about. One program in special comes to my mind:

Francis Mallmann

This Netflix Original documentary about famous chefs truly inspires me in different ways. First of all they provide a wonderful look on the life of real artists. I’m stunned by the way they work and the perfection they’re aiming for! Knowing their work of art will disappear as soon as it’s served. Francis Mallmann is one of the chefs in the documentary that intrigued me! I admit… I adore cooking on fire and Mallmann happens to be a legend in this cooking section. But that’s not even the biggest reason for my interest in this person.

Like a lot of teens separation started with growing some anti-establishment thoughts and the dream of living outside society! However I was a true rebel at heart, I have to admit I was (and am) way to loyal to people I care about to live the way I had in mind back then. Now being further in live I’m convinced this was the best way for me. Nevertheless some of the feelings still remain. Seeing this interesting portrait about Francis Mallmann triggered some of these dreams.

About Francis Mallmann:

Without spoiling too much of your experience (if you’re planning to look at these series) Mallmann gives an insight on his way of life and opinion onrelations. Although he has a young daughter he’s almost all the time out in the wild (Patagonia among others) to cook on open fire (excellent book on this experiences: Mallmann on Fire). He explains his vision on human relations based on inspiration and passion, being rather afraid of getting bored in life/relations he chooses to end his work relations the moment both he and his employee see no more learning opportunities. This way he meets lots of new young enthousiastic people who bring new fire and inspiration to the team. Above all he also chooses to relocate from time to time getting inspired by the wild environment.

Francis Mallman

Watching Francis Mallmann feels like going back to the ancient time of nomads hunting and cooking together as a team, choosing what to do whenever you want, talk to whoever you want and getting away from obligations. I recognize the energy new projects give me in the beginning. The feeling somewhat slighly disappears after a few weeks if I don’t pay attention to the positive effects it brings along. Then again being tickled in this dream makes me wonder why I’m living the life I do at the moment. By doing this I pay attention to the things I’m getting used to but keep me over here: I enjoy living in my home cooking on my own pit, taking care of my wife and sons and being able to see my friends and family, …  Realising this gives a new boost of energy to live my life the way I do but reminds me why I do love to cook outdoors, share some food and passion, …

That’s what I call: “Inspiration”

Those who could help me find more inspiring stories like this one, please let me know! As you can read I was rather impressed by this episode. My interest in what people motivates to do what they do, made me write about this I guess. I wonder what yours are…

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