Gegrilde varkensoester met Raspberry Chipotle saus

Gegrilde varkensoester met Raspberry Chipotle saus

While I’m typing this post, the thermometer is ticking 37°C. For many people the ultimate sign to fire up the BBQ for an evening full of good food. Honestly… I don’t feel like cooking at all these days… It’s hot enough to cook food without starting a fire and my stomach appears to be sous-vide cooked in its own juices so I’m hardly hungry. Where’s autumn if you need it. Luckily there are some dishes on such days where you can prepare a decent meal in no time. A grilled pork oyster for example. The Pork oyster d’Aredennes is a brined piece of meat you can buy in the supermarket. A tasty piece of meat to grill briefly and lacquer it with a commercial BBQ sauce for the occasion. Some more simple sides and your meal will be on the table in fifteen minutes! That’s just the amount of time to sip on your Tequilla while cooking and jump in the swimming pool right after eating.

Disclaimer: The used BBQ sauce was donated by as a test product. I don’t get any financial compensation for promoting this product. All opinions expressed are personal and sincere.

A pork oyster is a small piece of fine quality lean pork meat. The oyster is cut from the back of the pig and does not need much time cooking due to its tender texture. As it is a lean piece of meat, grilled pork oyster is best eaten rosé (core temperature 58°C). Because of its small size, it’s not really suitable for a reverse sear so we heat the Kamado Joe to blazing hot temperatures and take out the cast iron grill grid to demonstrate a sample of Quadrillage that “BBQ critic” Peter Declercq would be proud of … (for your information: in my opinion quadrillage is completely overrated, although it looks beautiful of course).

To give the grilled pork oyster a nice shiny layer of sauce, I create an indirect side next to the cast iron grid. This way, after only a few minutes of grilling (until a core of 50°C is reached), the grilled pork oyster can be glazed with a delicious BBQ sauce to your own taste. After lacquering with the BBQ sauce, the grilled pork oyster can caramelize further on the indirect side until a core temperature of 58°C is reached. Then let the piece of meat rest for about ten minutes so that the juice can redistribute itself nicely in the meat and done!

Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle sauce

For the occasion I use the Raspberry Chipotle sauce from Blues Hogs provided by Elkedag-BBQ. This sauce based on raspberry and chipotle chillies is described as sweet and mildly spicy. Personally, I found the latter a bit exaggerated. This sauce is not spicy at all. Judging from the name, I might have expected more from the chipotle hatch. Nevertheless, I must confess that this sweet BBQ sauce, which has a good amount of sugar in it what you can expect from an American BBQ sauces (compared to our taste), tasted pretty good. A thin layer of this sauce quickly adds a lot of extra flavour to your dish. Moreover, the subtle touch of raspberry is a nice variation on the more classic sauces I’ve tasted.

Corn on the cob

It may be too hot to enjoy your time at the BBQ. A simple dish like this grilled pork oyster with Raspberry Chipotle does not require much work to prepare and the result is very tasty. I don’t often use commercial sauces myself but on days like these it is a nice alternative to save some time at the BBQ or in your kitchen (what do you need to do over there anyway?). Have you already tasted this sauce? Or do you prefer other flavors? Feel free to let us know on the social media accounts ;). Have fun at your next session!

Grilled pork oyster lacquered with Chipotle Raspberry BBQ sauce.
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Resting time
10 mins
Total Time
30 mins
Too hot to tend the BBQ for a long period? In no time you’ll be able to make this grilled pork oyster and finish it off with a delicious sauce of your choice. In addition, some grilled corn and a delicious fries and you’ll have a tasty dish on the table before the first drips of sweat start to fall!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Flemish, Mexican
Keyword: BBQ sauce, blues hog, cast iron, chipotle, Corn on the cob, Grilled, grillmarks, hot and fast, Kamado Joe, pork oyster, raspberry, seared
Servings: 4 people
  • 4 pieces Ardennes pork oyster already brined
  • Blues Hog Raspberry chipotle or any other sauce of your choice
Grilled Corn
  • 4 corn cobs
  • 2 tbsp sunflower oil
  • Parmesan cheese to taste
  • coarse salt to taste
  • lime zest and juice to taste
  1. Prepare your BBQ by creating a direct and indirect side. You can do this by sliding the coals on one side of your BBQ or by using a platesetter. Heat the BBQ to a temperature of +-250°C.
  2. Place the cast iron grate in the BBQ and make sure it is wellseasoned. Let it warm up for 20 minutes (you can test if it’s hot enough by throwing a drop of water on it, if it hisses and dances your grid is hot enough).
  3. Brush the corn cobs with the sunflower oil and some salt and grill for +- 10 minutes over the hot fire. Turn the corn cobs regularly so they don’t burn.
  4. Move the corncobs to the indirect side and sprinkle with some parmesan cheese and freshly grated lime zest. Continue cooking while grilling the Armenian pork oyster.
  5. Grill the pork oyster +- 5 min. until you reach a core temperature of 50°C. To some nice grillmarks, turn the meat a quarter turn when it comes loose from the grill (if you have to pull it it is not time to turn it, wait a while or you will pull the meat to pieces). Repeat this step with the other side.

  6. Brush the grilled pork oyster with Blues Hog Raspberry Chipotle or another BBQ sauce of your choice and place the pork oyster back on the indirect side of your BBQ for another two minutes to allow the sauce to stick. Aim at a core temperature of 56° – 58°C.
  7. When the core temperature is reached, remove the pork oyster from the BBQ and let it rest under a loose foil for another ten minutes or so.
  8. Finish the corn cobs with freshly grated parmesan cheese, some lime juice, zest and pepper and salt to taste.
Serve this grilled pork oyster with the corn and a fresh potato salad (of which the recipe has unfortunately been lost). Enjoy!

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