Grilled Pluma Ibérico – Crunchy piece of heaven

Grilled Pluma Ibérico – Crunchy piece of heaven

Some of you might know pork cheeks are my absolute favorite piece of meat. For those who don’t know! Don’t worry. They know as much as you! There’s a new favorite in town! “Pluma Ibérico”. Have you ever heard of it? I had been searching for it for ages after tasting them at “Tapa Tapa” restaurant in Alveringem. After 2 year I finally found them and they are set to become a hype. You want to know what the fuzz is all about? Read on!

Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links. All opionions shared are my own. Once again this post has been made possible by the service of Carmans who offered their meat for this project. Brewery De Landing provided their beer for tasting.”

So what is it? Pluma Ibérico?

Pluma Ibérico literally translated “the feather of Ibérico” is a deliciously tender piece of meat coming from the end of the loin (the last muscle of the butt). It’s not the most beautiful part but in the end you won’t remember… The Pluma is a rather small and thin triangular cut well marbled with fat that easily melts away while grilling. This marbling of fat makes the Pluma juicier and more tasteful than any other cut I’ve tasted. All you need to do is drying out the surface, heat up your grill, season the piece of meat and grill it on high heat. This way you’ll get a nice crispy crust on the outside of the pluma Iberico. Don’t add to much spices. This piece is a star on it’s own. In my opinion just salt will do!

Pluma Ibérico

Ibérico pigs

Actually each pig breed can give us the “Pluma” cut. Yet it’s worth searching for a free range breed like the Ibérico Pig breed. Ibérico are a typical spanish breed that range across the spanish oak forrests feeding themselves with grasses and a lot of sweet acorns. While the food they eat creates the typical flavorfal palate, their movement brings the great marbling. And it’s THAT marbling of the fat that makes the Pluma Ibérico as juicy and flavorful as it is. While the rest of the boston butt has done a lot of work. This last piece of muscle had less work. So while it’s got the benefits of the movement (marbling) it’s not as though as the hard working pork shoulder making it more tender. Therefor you don’t need to slow cook it to break up the though muscle tissue.

Pluma Ibérico

Preparing the Pluma Ibérico

As mentioned before this piece of meat is one of the easiest cuts to prepare. You don’t need ages to break up the muscle tissue and it doesn’t even need a lot of flavorizers. You can see it as the “steak” among the pork cuts. All you need to do is grill the “Pluma Ibérico” on high heat to give it a nice crisp. So start up your BBQ for a direct cooking session at high heat (above 250°C/480°F). While heating up the BBQ you want the surface of the Pluma Ibérico as dry as possible. This will lead to a crunchy bite on your piece of pork. To enhance this process I pat the meat dry and add a mixture of 2 parts flour/1 part salt (lemon salt in this case).

How to serve?

Since you want to taste the meaty flavor of your delicious piece of Pluma Ibérico you’ll be keeping the preparation of the meat rather simple. To have a nice flavor palate you can go creative with the sides. In this case I chose a typical spanish style sidedish called “Ensalada de Garbanzos” a chickpea salad with chorizo and roasted peppers. This hearty salad is complementing the meat. In order to get a fresh touch to counterpart the hearty notes I served a delicious and refreshing beer along the meal. This time I chose the “Minos” beer by brewery “De landing”. The young yet talented “Brewmaster Jon Huyghe” tells me the Minos is a light easy drinkin ale brewed with juniper and lemon balm to bring some refreshing notes. Excellent to balance the “fats” in this meal. The beer is a perfect match! With only 6% alcohol you still get a strong tasting beer with a rich palate! Back in the days this kid looked up at his beer drinking leader (that’s me). Nowadays he’s making the gold himself! #proudleader

I want to thank both “Brewery de Landing” and “Carmans” for delivering me some quality products. I hope you enjoyed reading about this delicious beer and one of my favorite pieces of meat! Don’t hesitate to ask more information or share this post with your friends. Both would make me happy! What’s your favorite beer to drink along a meal like this? Have you tasted the “Minos” or “Pluma”? What are you waiting for???

Pluma Ibérico
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
15 mins

Have you ever tasted the Pluma Ibérico? You won’t know what you’re eating! Tender juicy, flavorful and easy to prepare! Grill yourself a delicious piece of pork right now!

Course: Dinner, Main Course
Cuisine: Spanish
Servings: 2 people
  • 400 gr. Pluma Ibérico read info about this cut.
  • 1 part salt (lemon if possible)
  • 2 parts flour
  1. Start your BBQ for a grilling session on high heat. Aim for a temperature of 250°C/480°F. 

  2. While the fire is gaining heat you start patting dry the Pluma Ibérico. Sprinkle the mixture of 2 parts flour, 1 part salt on top of the meat. You need a thin layer of seasoned flour for a crispy texture in the meat

  3. Grill the pluma on both sides for aboth 3 minutes each. You’ll notice the surface will brown. That’s exactly what you need.

  4. Put the meat aside and let rest for a couple of minutes. Slice the Pluma and serve with a refreshing beer and a delicious side like the Ensalada de Garbanzos I shared last week. 

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