Smoky Iberico Picanha – reverse seared

Smoky Iberico Picanha – reverse seared

It’s been over a month! The most important soccer match in times for our National Team! The ideal opportunity to invite some friends. Serving beer with a nice piece of meat from the BBQ to cope with the raging nerves in front of the screen! Literally unfortunately… Sacrificing this Iberico Picanha to “the 12th man” couldn’t help. The soccer gods were French… Fair and deserved or somewhat stolen? I leave it to your own judgement!

Disclosure: “This Iberico Bavette was donated by Carmans E&L NV. I don’t get paid to promote their product. In addition, affiliate links are used. The opinions expressed are personal and sincere.”

This by BBQ experts frequently praised piece of beef could no longer be missing on this blog! Thanks to the Gaucho’s (South-American cowboys) we get to know the tailpiece of the beef. In Argentina, the country par excellence for steak lovers, Picanha is the most frequently eaten piece of beef. This triangular piece lies at the extension of the loin and is characterized by a thick fat cover and beautiful fibrous structure, ensuring a delicious taste! Remember the fibre structure because we will come back to that under the part #Rookiemistakes…. Picanha can be prepared as a whole or in steaks. It is either grilled on the grill or on a spit. Here we choose a complete piece seasoned with salt (and pepper afterwards) prepared on the grid.

Iberico Picanha

Iberico Picanha

The previous post about the Iberico Flanksteak (read here) provoked some mixed opinions! Not because of the piece of meat. Bavette is more praised by connoisseurs within the BBQ circuit, but mainly because of the name of the beef. The explanation of what the Iberico label stands for is received with different opinions. What is described by one as a good method for offering quality meat is laughed away by the other as a simple commercial move to fool the consumer. Only one way to judge this subject: ” Taste it!” And let that be exactly what we love! For the occasion, the test panel are some friends who came over to judge this lovely piece of Iberico Picanha!

Iberico Picanha


I’ll put the blame on the excitement of the match. With 5 minutes to go before kick-off, my Picanha was ready to server. Nicely warmed up by means of the Reverse Sear technique (see Bavette post). Let it rest for a while and then cut. The risks of being in a rush… You know the risks. At dinner the game starts. Baked potatoes, roasted peppers with feta cheese and a tomato salsa as side. How about the taste? This is a delicious piece of meat! Tasty, juicy, but still “a little” less tender than expected… I’m sorry but that can’t spoil the fun. The Wagyu tenderloin I served after this piece was even more tender. “Quality of meat I thought…” None of that I guess looking back! If it weren’t for the fact that when I uploaded these photos I found that I made a stupid mistake! Remember? Solid structure… As I pointed out in the previous post, the correct cutting of beef is very important! “Against the grain!!!” The not paying attention to this beautiful piece probably lead to the tougher mouth feel…

Iberico Picanha

Though we didn’t enjoy it any less! Sadly the match of the year was turning into a dissapointment. Luckily this Iberico Picanha could serve as some kind of distraction. Despite of the loss the evening turned out great and we had a blast celebrating beer and BBQ. I don’t know if the slicing mistake was noticed by my meat-loving guests or if they kept it for themselves out of an act of kindness. Either way it seems like they quite enjoyed the meal. Now I’m curious to hear some of your rookie mistakes. I probably ain’t the only one getting distracted once a while? Feel free to share yours, it’s the best way to learn from each other!

Iberico Picanha – Reverse seared
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins

Imagine yourself to be a true Gaucho and grill one of the most beautiful pieces of meat we know thanks to these South American BBQ loving Cowboys! As a true asador you grill this beautiful tailpiece to a true delicacy! Smoke, Pepper, salt and a pinch of love! That's all you need to turn this Iberico picanha into a culinary delicacy (apart from a good cutting technique and a bit of attention).

Course: Main Course, Meat
Cuisine: South-American, Spanish
Keyword: bbq, Beef, gegrilld, Grilled, kamado, Kamado Joe, kamado recipes, Picanha, reverese seared, smoked
Servings: 6 people
  • 1 Picanha of high quality think of Iberico Wagyu, …
  • Pepper and Falksalt Chipotle salt to taste
  • 3 Chunks Smokewood Oak in this case
  1. Prepare your BBQ, (here Kamado Joe) for an indirect session at low temperature (100°C). You can do this by using your heat deflector or divide the coals to one side of the BBQ and your meat on the other side where no coals are burning.

  2. Prepare your piece of meat by scoring the fat cap! Make sure you don't cut into the meat itself.

  3. Rub the piece of Picanha thoroughly with coarse Chipotle salt. Add pepper after grilling to prevent burning.
  4. Add the chunks of smoke wood to the fire and wait until the smoke becomes thin and bluish.

  5. Put the Iberico Picanha on the grill and smoke until you get an internal temperature of 48°C.
  6. Remove the Iberico Picanha from the grill and put it aside while you are heating the BBQ for crusting. We do this on a direct heat source so remove the heat deflector.
  7. Roast your meat on each side for a few more minutes to crust the meat. Do this with the lid closed to prevent flames through the dripping fat. If the fire does get too intense, move it to another zone.

  8. Put the meat covered to one side and let it rest for half an hour.
  9. Cut the meat against the grain! Not like in the pictures above, where I was thinking more about soccer than cutting the meat…

Serve with a simple tasty side dish, salsa and/or chimichuri. Have a nice meal!

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