Kerst BBQ plannen? – Deel 1: 10x hapjes/voorgerechten

Kerst BBQ plannen? – Deel 1: 10x hapjes/voorgerechten

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way, oh what fun it is this way to BBQ all day hey… Do you feel it coming? Christmas is only a few weeks away. So what are you waiting for? Get that notebook and start making your BBQ menu for the days! To help you along I’ll be sharing some Christmas BBQ inspiration in two posts. First post will be focussing on 10 appetizers/starters you can share with your beloved ones. To make sure you’ll be able to spend some time with your guests I’ve selected some meals you can make ahead an serve cold/lukewarm and some easy to prepare party snacks you can serve hot in no time. So go ahead and take a look! What recipe might make it to the menu? Don’t forget to tell me in the comment section at the end of this post or social media pages. Enjoy your Holiday season!

Cold/Lukewarm appetizers


Thais geroosterde pastinaak frietjes

I don’t know about your region but over here a plate of raw vegetables with cocktail sauce are often served for apero. Not bad… But with a little effort you can make something extra out of these lovely vegetables to impress your friends and family with. Try pickling some carrots before smoke roasting them for instance. Or make these thai style parsnip fries I shared with you last week. You won’t regret. They can be served lukewarm so they are perfect to make just before the guests arrive and put on the table to welcome your guests. This way you’ll have some time to make some easy starters without leaving your guests with hunger.


Boerenpaté met rum

You want to save yourself from spending much time away from your guests? Take them with you to the pit zone! OR make some smoky recipes ahead. This delicious paté for instance needs to cool down overnight. So it’s perfect to make a day ahead and serve to your guests without any trouble. Served with a smoky pumpkin chutney it’s a true feast. Oh by the way… Did you know the chutney tastes awesome with foie gras too? Don’t know if you’ll be able to translate this page though (I haven’t found the time to translate it yet … Sorry).

Cold smoked delights: duck prosciutto, smoked salmon, …

BBQ Kerst gerechten

Speaking of recipes you can make ahead. Go for cold smoked charcuterie! To be honest some time traveling might be needed if you want to make yourself the smokey duck prosciutto for this year’s Christmas eve. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll make it for the end of the year. But don’t worry you still have some time to cold smoke some salmon. Oh and don’t forget to make some extra. When vacuum sealed, you can save the cold smoked salmon and other charcuterie for a couple of weeks. I bet you’ll be glad you kept some for yourself!


Whether you choose to make a starter or not is up to you! For myself I’d like to make a few bite sized starters to serve with apero instead of one bigger plate for a starter. Nothing more cozy than spending some time in the cozy corner of your house before hitting the table. It takes some more time but variation is the key for a lovely menu if you ask me. To make sure you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen I’ve selected some recipes that are easy and/or fast to make.


Kerst BBQ gerechten

Lobster, oysters, caviar, … These royal ingredients make you feel welcome at a party! So why shouldn’t you make them for your guests? Try this smoky lobster soup with Jenever for instance! Honestly this might be the one meal I would be glad to have a bigger portion as a starter. But when you decide to serve it for aperitif, you might want to make a smaller portion and add the meat from the claws shredded in the soup. So delicious!!!


Mojito oesters – vier de eerste lentedagen!

Sorry to disappoint you when you’re a fan of oysters. This recipe didn’t make it to this blog yet. You can take a look over here and try to translate the recipe. But to be honest. It’s not that hard to make. Smokeroast some oysters and serve them with a touch of lime, mint and rum. Only make sure you don’t gril them too long. You don’t want the lovely juices to disappear into the Christmas night. Oh and if you aren’t allowed or don’t like to drink… Try searching for rumfree. It’s an alcohol free version of this tasteful drink.


Smoky Pomme Moscovite met wodka zalm

Give me a shout if you want more? Yes man! I heard your call! So here we go with another delicious classic. The smoky pomme moscovite. Make them ahead and put them back on the grill for a couple of minutes before serving with a dash of caviar. Combine it with a piece of smoked salmon and you know there will be some firework play tickling your tastebuds. Make sure you’ll use some small potatoes when serving them as an appetizer! You don’t want your guests to be stuffed completely before the big show begins.


Kerst BBQ gerechten

Don’t tell me you don’t like fish and seafood? Seriously… Ok OK… time for some meat! This is one of the oldest recipes on the blog but still one of my favorites and perfect to serve in small portions. Cut some small strips of pork cheeks and combine them with this Fennel salad in a little glass or make some mini wraps (depending on how heavy your other dishes are). But some more traditional BBQ recipes will do the trick if you desire. Think of chicken wings, ribs, MOINK balls, … But hey… It’s party time… There are enough moments for ribs… So why not do some extra effort?


Kerst BBQ hapjes

Another classic at a BBQ Bastard Party are these delicious tasting royal Bastard Bean Nacho’s (or any other version). I know it’s not a dish that’s breathing Christmas spirit… Then again it’s always a showstopper… Getting your hands dirty taking the Nacho’s and trying to dip them in as much of the sauce as you can… Maybe it’s the decadence that makes it a perfect holiday appetizer. Warning!! Don’t make a big plate of them or your guests will be K.O. after the first round of food madness…

So that’s it for the first round folks! Come on now and tell me what will be served at your table in a couple of weeks? Will it be the royal tasting seafood dishes or will you keep it classic BBQ style ribs and beer? I’m looking forward hearing your ideas! Oh and stay tuned for part 2: Main courses and dessert madness! Can’t wait? Try hitting the search button on top of this blog! Maybe you’ll find some interesting stuff yourself ;). Cheers and have a nice holiday!

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