Kip curry met gebrande bloemkool – Dutch Oven

Kip curry met gebrande bloemkool – Dutch Oven

“If you can make chicken curry on the BBQ, you can make anything on the BBQ!” Amen to that! These are not my words but those of Lorre-Belle (Belgian BBQ group member) as a reaction to Dave Heyninck’s Grilled Chicken Curry (BBQ team Laurentius). I can only confirm this. With this blog I try to share a varied range of recipes to make this statement clear. There is nothing more fun (and tastier) than cooking outside on a wood fired heat source. All the recipes you can make indoors are also perfectly feasible on the BBQ with some creativity (but also vice versa for those who prefer to put it in the oven). A dutch oven is therefor a very nice addition to the regular BBQ tools.

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You can use your Dutch oven in the same way as you do on the gas fire indoors. But it’s more fun, for example, to make a stew simmer on a campfire for a couple of hours. With some flexibility in techniques you can also add some extra BBQ flavor. In a closed BBQ with the lid open, for example, you can give your entire stew a smoky flavour. On the other hand, you run the risk of overloading your stew with smoke and losing the balance. Another option I return to more often is the combination of grilling/smoking certain ingredients to add them to the stew. This allows you to add smokey elements to your Chicken Curry and balance with other ingredients and flavours.

Kip curry

I can’t exactly remember the timing when I made this chicken curry. But a day like today invites you to make such a dish. The morning once again started later than I would like (#Afternoon man) and there is quite some work in the garden on the schedule today… To have some distraction between these boring tasks, the short steps in the preparation are suitable to let your BBQ heart breathe once in a while. On the other hand, with a stew you have plenty of time to clean up the mess you left behind during the week. Read in my case: pick up nuts, vacuum herbs, clean backdrops and wash up more planks and pots than I thought I owned. Let’s hope you don’t get any extra household chores like on your to do list today.

Kip Curry

In this case, the chicken goes on my new cast iron “plancha” which I bought a few weeks ago to be able to scorch delicious meat. The rough surface of a cast iron pot or pan works magic. When they are blazing hot you can develop a delicious crust on your meat in no time. But on top of that, I’m convinced that cast iron also has a positive influence on the taste experience. I don’t know if this is theoretically supported or a lucky coincidence, but all the recipes that I regularly quickly make and of which I suddenly decide to throw them into my cast iron pan turn out to taste significantly better. The carrots in peach liqueur are a good example of this. If I had to take a guess I would say that Maillard and the caramelisation are more optimal. Should the scientist in our midst have some more information I would love to hear more on this subject (never too old to learn).

Kip Curry

While the chicken curry stew was simmering, the tasks were well done. Ideal time to open an IPA, enjoy the soothing spring sun and the ecstasy is near. And let that just be a good suggestion to drink with your chicken curry. “Extase” (ecstasy in dutch) by “De dochter van de Korenaar” brewery, with its tropical citrus notes, slightly sweet taste and balanced hop bitters, it’s a nice beer to combine with spicy dishes like this. You’ve earned this tasty reward after all. Let both the beer and the chicken curry from the dutch oven taste and enjoy your weekend! Tonight we’ll attend an oldschool dropping. Now let’s hope we find our way back soon 🙂

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