Low and slow buikspek met kaffir beer glaze

Low and slow buikspek met kaffir beer glaze

What’s the best way to start the new year? Bringing more killer recipes! This slowly smoked piece of Pork Belly for instance with a killer beer glaze flavorized with some refreshing notes of ginger and Kaffir lime! I tell you this recipe will blow your mind! And there will be more of this BBQ Madness the coming year! Thanks to all of you loyal followers who come back everytime to check the new recipes! Thanks to you this blog is growing in a way I could only dream off! Cheers to the new year and some BBQ insanity!

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  • Low and slow buikspek
  • Low and slow buikspek
Slow smoked Pork Belly
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 hrs
Total Time
10 hrs 5 mins

Nothing beats a good piece of bacon… Or does it? This Low and slow smoked Pork Belly does! Delicious, tender, juicy and with a stunning glaze! You gotta love it! Don't you?

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: asian, Belgian
Keyword: asian style, beer syrup, glaze, glazed, kamado recipes, low and slow, pelletgrill, pork belly, smoked, syrup, Traeger
Servings: 4 People
  • 1 kg Pork Belly Duke of Berkshire for this recipe
For the Rub
  • 8 parts Paprika powder
  • 4 parts salt
  • 4 parts ginger powder
  • 4 parts lemon grass powder
  • 4 parts dried mint
  • 4 parts cane sugar
  • 2 parts mild curry
  • 1 part chili powder
For the glaze
  • 300 ml Bourgogne des Flandres (for best results) Can be replaced by another lambic style beer
  • 150 ml sugar
  • 300 ml water
  • 200 ml sugar
  • 1 kaffir lime juice and zeste
  • 1 thumb grated ginger
  • 10 dried kaffir leaves
  1. Mix all ingredients for the rub by hand to break up any clumps (depending on the amount you want to make 1 part can be a teaspoon, tablespoon or cup. These rubs last long so you can make quite some at once)

  2. Remove the pork rind but keep the fat on the piece of pork belly. Score the fat cap in a cross hatch pattern.

  3. Rub the pork belly thoroughly with the homemade rub. Make sure all parts are covered.

  4. Prepare your BBQ/smoker for an indirect session at low temperature (75-100°C). Use some cherry wood chunks or pellets for a smoky flavor (depending on what type of BBQ you use). For this recipe I've used my Traeger Ironwood 885.

  5. Smoke the pork belly for 8-12 hrs. (depends on the piece you are using). The pork belly is done when you can poke it with a toothpick without any resistance.

  1. While the porkbelly is smoking you can start making your syrup. I've learned while doing this that the best result is obtained by making the two syrups separately and combine them in the end.

  2. For the beer syrup add the beer to a sauce pan and add half the amount of sugar as you added beer. Let gently simmer until you've got yourself a syrupy liquid.

  3. Make the second syrup in a similar way. Combine water and half the amount sugar to a saucepan and add the grated ginger, zeste and juice of a half kaffir lime and the dried leaves. Let gently simmer until you have a tasteful syrup.

  4. Mix both syrups at taste. You are looking far a delicious malty caramel beer syrup with a subtle touch of kaffir lime and ginger.

  5. Half of the smoking session start with adding the glaze with a brush every hour. This way the sauce can stick to the porkbelly and get a nice smoky touch.

  6. Cut the pork belly in slices from about 1cm when they are done. Baste them with a last layer of sauce. Don't exagerate. You don't want to cover the taste of your pork.

Finish with some fresh kaffir lime zeste and serve with some rocking sides. Have a nice meal!

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