Mayosear – Het geheim van de perfecte steak

Mayosear – Het geheim van de perfecte steak

Making the perfect steak is one of those missions a BBQ lover gets his mind on. Testing different techniques, different types of beef, cuts, … And when you think you have tried most of them a new technique pops up. Like the Mayosear for instance. Maybe you heard about it before, maybe you didn’t. In fact it’s not quite a new technique but as far as I know it’s not a common thing in the BBQ scene. I have to admit I just recently got in contact with this technique “by accicdent”. Not knowing I was doing the mayosear on an experiment with Alabama white sauce style ribs. Have you heard about it?

Since you’re still reading I suppose the chances are big you didn’t. This technique seems to be more common in the Sous-Vide scene where steaks are slowly cooked in a vacuum bag at low temperatures before getting seared. Compare it with the “Reverse Sear” technique. Pre-cooking the steak at low temperature keeps it moist and evenly cooked. Downside: “you aren’t able to add a delicious layer of smoke”. So as a BBQ freak I skipped the sous-vide and slowly smoked my Irish Rib-Eye on the Traeger at 75°C. before searing it.

Mayosear rib eye van lidl

Nothing new so far and completely up to you wether you chose to do the reverse sear on the smoker or by using the sous-vide bath. Both methods have one limitation. By cooking a steak on low temperature you don’t get the incredible taste of Maillard that’s necessary to get that delicious flavorful crust on your steak. To get this reaction you need a high temperature before the chemical reaction (called Maillard reaction) kicks in. To get this delicious extra flavor you’ll need to sear the steak at high temperature so the reaction can do it’s thing as fast as possible without losing lot’s of juices in your beef.

Lidl Rib eye Mayosear

In order to get this effect you have several options. In my opinion cast iron is a big help. The blazing hot temperature of cast iron allows you to get this delicious crust in no time. However the grill marks are often seen as the culinary signature of a great steak (which I like to see too by the way). I believe a skillet or plancha is even better. There’s more surface for your steak to form the delicious reaction leading to a nice flavorful crust all over your steak. And here’s where the mayosear is introduced. Like you might have derived from it’s name, mayonaise is involved in the searing process. Might sound strange but it’s not if you think about it. Mayonaise exists mainly out of oil, a bit of egg and vinegar.

Lidl Steak mayosear

So what you get by basting a thin layer of mayo on your steak before searing is the fat you’ll need to sear your steak. So why don’t you just add butter/oil to the pan? First of all the mayonaise sticks to the steak helping you to get the oil right where you want it and not all over your skillet. Second the cold mayonaise should help to prevent the steak from getting overcooked while searing. Don’t know if that will make a lot of different in a blazing hot skillet though. But it doesn’t taste like mayonaise at all and the result was impressing. The crust formed on my Irish Rib Eye was extremely delicious and crunchy in no time.

lidl mayosear steak

For me this technique is a winner! I’ll use it more often from now on! Don’t know how about you! Will you try this are does it sound scary to you? Let us know in a reaction on social media or the comment section below! Enjoy your next cook and don’t hesitate to share this post if you liked it! #sharingiscaring

Mayoseared Irish Rib Eye
Prep Time
2 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Resting time
15 mins
In the sous vide scene the mayosear is more common than in the BBQ scene. To be honest: I hadn’t heard about it a couple of weeks ago. Yet it’s a great technique to get a nice and tasteful crust on your piece of beef! Curious? Give it a try! It’s not as strange as it might sound!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: bbq, Coldsmoked, Flanksteak, mayo, Mayosear, pellet smoker, perfect, reverse seared, searing, skillet, technique
Servings: 1 steak
  • 1 Irish Rib eye or another piece of beef
  • 2 Tbsp Mayonaise
  • 3 twigs of rosemary
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 lemon optional
  • Salt at taste
  • Pepper at taste
  1. Season the meat with salt at taste (you'll add the pepper afterwards to prevent it from burning). Use the reverse searing technique to smoke the steak on the indirect heat zone of your BBQ at low temperature (max 100°C) until your steak reaches an internal temperature of 44°C.

  2. Place the skillet on a high heat fire to preheat it until it’s blazing hot.
  3. Once the steak reaches your desired internal temperature add the rosemary and smashed cloves of garlic to the pan.
  4. Slightly baste the steak with a thin layer of mayonaise on the top side. Turn over while placing in the hot skillet. Sear this side for 1-2 minutes. Baste the other side with mayo and turn around to sear the other side!
  5. Once you get a nice crust and core temperature from about 48°C remove the steak and put aside to rest for half of the total cooking time.
Thinly slice the beef against the grain and enjoy your delicious piece of beef!

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