Trail of Passion

Trail of Passion

This section of the website goes along a trail of Passion. The trail starts with Birger Allary, founding member of Tjoppie Doppie BBQ team. As a colleague and friend we spent hours talking about our favorite subject. He learned me lot’s of tricks and spoke with fire about the pit. A fire that set flame to my own passion for the Q. Thinking about what leaded me into my love for cooking on fire brought me up to the idea going along the trail to talk to his source of inspiration. That’s how the idea for this concept was born, so it’s obvious he should be the one to kick off.

What’s the trail of Passion?

Buf first things first…  What’s “The trail of Passion? Along the “Trail of Passion” we will go out and speak to people who inspired other people. Who we will be meeting is not known. Only he who’s agreeing to talk or write about his passion in life knows where the trail will be leading to. Though BBQ is the main subject over here, it is allowed to lead the trail to people outside the “BBQ scene”.  Booze, music, art … could be a great source of inspiration too. Then again I’ll try to provide an insight in how people look upon our favorite subject: “Cooking on Fire”.

As you may have derived from the information above, I’ll try to connect with interesting people around the world. Dreaming out loud, this would sound like: “I’ll meet everyone and have an interesting talk about life and what keeps them passionated.” Unfortunately I have to work too… So it would take ages to do this… Then again it will be great to meet these people some day in the future accompanied by a good beer to share.


So I hope I’ll be able to make this concept work and provide some interesting portraits. Portraits where people provide some insight in how they’ve been introduced into the passion they own. Who’s inspiring them? What’s been driving them? And so on…

Here’s the trail of passion:

Birger Allary (Tjoppie Doppie BBQ team)

Scott Lane (Miss Piggy’s BBQ Team)

Adie Platts (Bite the Bullet BBQ Team)

John Hargate (Bar-B-Q Shack)

Byron Chism (Butt Rub Legend)

Mike Wozniak (QUAU team)

If you want to find out who’s next in line? Find out in the last article linked above.

Thanks for reading. More will follow soon. Please leave a message in comment below if you have some questions or want to respond to this thread…