Beer syrup drizzled smokey Mayo Blondie

Beer syrup drizzled smokey Mayo Blondie

Over here in Belgium the thought of making a cake with mayo scares a lot of people! Some even think it’s disgusting. Until they are brave enough to taste! This Mayo Blondie with beer syrup is so good no one would even think doubt about it any longer! In the US I bet only a few would think it’s strange! Using mayonnaise for cake is a common thing as I heard! But have you tried a beer syrup on top of your blondie?  

No talking give me the recipe

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So what’s a mayo blondie? I bet everyone knows the brownie? Now meet the white chocolate version of the legendary dessert. Or shuould I say the smokey white version? By cold smoking the chocolate you add a nice layer of flavor to the Mayo Blondie. To score completely with both the male and female guests you can serve it with a deliciously sweet beer syrup made with fruit beer. Gather those chocolate lovers! I wonder if they will have tried something like this before! For those in doubt, try making this recipe! It’s the only way to find out how delicious it tastes. I’ve made it quite a couple of times lately and all of those who tasted were pleasantly surprised after being disgusted by the idea.

Mayo Blondie

Blondie on the BBQ

One way or another… I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha… Nope not that Blondie! No Debbie Harry will be harmed in the process of making this Blondie. But you’ll get wat you want! That’s a promise. To make this smokey mayo blondie in the BBQ you need the ability to cook indirect with a closed lid (making a wood fired oven). Why indirect? This way you’ll be able to let the hot air circulate around the blondie cake. This leading to an evenly cooked cake without a risk of burning the edges. Offcourse it’s necessary for you to be able to control your fire at least 45 minutes to keep the temperature around 160°C/320°F. If not, you might as well make this cake in the oven. The smokey flavor comes from the chocolate anyway so besides the fun of cooking on the BBQ there’s no need to do so.

Mayo Blondie


Maar je zit natuurlijk te wachten op de uitleg van voor velen misschien wel het vreemdste ingrediënt. Nl.: de mayonaise? Het gebruiken van Mayonaise in taart of bij het maken van een mayo blondie is helemaal niet zo gek. Als je namelijk bedenkt dat mayonaise gemaakt wordt van ei, olie en een mild zuurtje, dan kom je automatisch bij enkele sleutelingrediënten van een blondie terecht. Bijgevolg smaak je ook helemaal geen mayonaise in deze mayo blondie maar krijg je een lekker smeuïge blondie voorgeschoteld waarbij noten voor een leuke crunch zorgen en de cranberries voor een extra mild zuurtje.

Mayo Blondie

Beer Syrup

So what’s that you’re talking about? Beer syrup? Yes indeed! Besides the Mayonnaise the addition of beer to this recipe might be just another weird thing to some of you. Those following for a while might have noticed my enthousiasm for beer syrups made with fruit and stout beers. Especially the Liefman’s yell’oh beer syrup is awesome with a deep sweet and fruity flavored with a subtle hint of hops. With a touch of mint and vanilla ice it’s the perfect addition to serve this mayo blondie. However stout beer syrups are delicious too, they might not be a good fit for this recipe since they are rather heavy tasting and we want a fresh fruity taste over here. If you’d like to make some beer syrup yourself and experiment with different versions, take a look over here to find out how to make your own beer syrup.

Mayo Blondie

So who got the balls to try this smokey blondie with beer syrup? Do you trust me enough to give it a try or rather thinking I’m full of bullshit and trying to make you sick? Life is to those who dare! A delicious cake might be your present for showing courage. Let me know! I’m really looking forward to hear your thoughts!
Mayo Blondie with fruit beer syrup
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
50 mins

Life's to those who dare! Would you try this blondie made with smoked chocolate, mayonnaise and beer syrup? Think it sounds strange? You are right but damned this smokey blondie rocks! Served with some mint and vanilla ice it's a match made in heaven! Are you a daredevil?

Course: cake, Dessert
Cuisine: American, European
Keyword: bbq dessert, beer syrup, blondie, chocolate, Mayonnaise, smoked
Servings: 8
  • 40 gr. flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 25 gr cacao powder
  • 140 gr pieces of white chocolate
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 225 gr caster sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 110 gr mayonnaise
  • 50 gr walnuts
Finishing the cake
  • Yell'oh beer siroop at taste (recipe in link below)
  • Fresh mint at taste
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice (optional)
  • grated smoked chocolate
  1. Prepare a cold smoke generator with hickory smokedust and put it in a smoker (or cardboard box). Light the smokedust with a firetorch and blow out the flame. Put the chocolate on a grid far enough from the cold smoker to prevent from melting and smoke for 4hrs. minimum. Make sure the temperature doesn't go above 20°C/68°F.

  2. Put a baking pan on the fire and fill it with water. Put a fireproof bowl in the water to melt the smoked white chocolate (au bain marie). Meanwhile grease a fireproof cake mold with butter.

  3. Take a large bowl and mix through the sifted flour, cacao powder and baking powder. Take another bowl to beat up the eggs, vanilla sugar and caster sugar until it's peaky. 

  4. Add the molten white chocolate with the mayonnaise and walnuts and gently mix it under the beaten eggs. Add the flour mixture and mix gently until you get a solid dough. 

  5. Pour the dough in the cake tin and put in a preheated BBQ (temp 160°C/320°F) for 30-40 minutes. You'll need an indirect heat source blocking the radiation heat from touching foor even cooking. You can use a heat deflector for this. 

  6. The cake is ready when the dough doesn't stick to your skewer when pulling it back from the middle of the cake. 

Beer syrup
  1. While the cake is cooling down you can make yourself a beer syrup following this recipe. You can chose the beer you want but make sure it's not too hoppy or strong! For this recipe a fruit beer works best! 

  2. Drizzle some of the beer syrup on top of the cake before serving. It will run into the Mayo blondie and spread it's lovely flavor. 

Cut your smokey mayo blondie and serve with vanilla ice and mint. Have a nice dessert!

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