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Ring Stinger Ribs

When using the better ribs from pork like Iberico or in this case Duke of Berkshire, you want to keep the taste of the meat as pure as possible. Therefore I tried to make some ribs as pure as possible only adding ingredients that empower the taste of the meat instead of covering it up! No heavy sauces or rubs in this recipe! Only two versions of made with the homemade ring stinger pickling juice and the homemade hot sauce! WARNING! You need to plan this ahead! They need at least one week of pickling but it's worth all of your time waiting to start smoking!

Course Appetizer, Main Course
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings 4 people


1 week ahead

  1. The recipe for these ribs is very easy and fast to make as long as you plan the first step one week (at least) ahead of preparing these ribs! First you need to pickle some peppers following this recipe. The pickling juice form the base for both the ring stinger ribs and the homemade Ring stinger hot sauce (for the hotter version)

Smoking the ribs

  1. Start your smoker for an indirect session at medium temperature 150°C/300°F. For these ribs I used my cheap ass Bullet Smoker looking like this one. 

  2. While waiting for the BBQ to hit the right temperature you can rub the ribs with salt and pepper. Don't go easy on the salt and pepper! They need to taste after all but this is just a matter of personal preferences. 

  3. Once your smoker hits the right temperature you add 2 chunks of apple wood to the coals (buy at amazon). Try to put them in a lower heat zone to prevent them from burning away quickly. Otherwise they will produce less smoke than desired.

  4. Once the smoke turns blue you can place your ribs on the grid and smoke them for about 30 min. lid closed.

  5. Open the lid and baste a thin layer of pickling juice equally spread over the ribs. Repeat this every 15 minutes until you get a core temperature of 70°C/168°F. In between the basting sessions you close the lid as fast as possible to prevent the briquettes from gaining heat. 
    ATTENTION: If you want to make the hotter version of the ring stinger ribs you baste some of the delicious homemade ring stinger hot sauce on the ribs about 50 minutes after you started smoking them. 

  6. It will take about 1hr to 1hr.15 minutes (depending on the ribs) until you get your internal temperature! So there's lot's of time to sit back and relax while enjoying a delicious appetizer. 

Ready to serve! What would you serve along them? Stay tuned for a delicious side with smoked sweet potatoes.