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Mediterranean Tosti

Mediterranean Tosti with grilled little gem salad and pomegranate

Save the classic Tosti for cozy winter nights! We'll go for the sun! This mediterranean flavored Tosti brings some southern flavors in your plate! Blackened bell pepper, feta, Coppa di Parma, ... Colorful flavors in this Summer Tosti with grilled salad! Have fun!

Course lunch, Snack
Cuisine French, Mediterranean
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 2 persons


  • 4 slices bread at taste
  • 2 sweet bell peppers
  • 20 gr. feta cheese
  • 8 slices Coppa di Parma
  • 15 leaves cilantro at taste
  • 2 pinches cumin
  • 4 pieces little gem salad halved
  • 2 Spring onions
  • 1/2 Pomegranate
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • lemon juice at taste
  • Salt and pepper at taste
  • 10 cashew nuts



  1. Prepare your BBQ for a direct cooking session on high heat (about 200°C/400°F to 250°C/480°F).

  2. Put the sweet bell pepper on top of the coals until it's completely black. Remove from the fire and let cool down! This way you can easily scrape away the blackened skin and remain with a stunning slice of roasted pepper. 

  3. Put your grid in the BBQ and let it heat while you slice the little gem salad and sprinkle it with olive oil and salt. Place these on with the flat side down on top of the grill and wait until the surface turns golden brown. Meanwhile you can grill the lentils.

Composing the Mediterranean Tosti

  1. Take a slice of bread and cover it with Coppa di Parma (or another piece of dried ham). Slice the Feta thinly and spread some pieces on top of the Coppa di Parma and sprinkle some fresh cilantro over it. 

  2. Remove the pits from the bell pepper and spread the roasted sweet bell peppers over the slice of bread. Sprinkle it with a pinch of cumin and add another layer of Coppa di parma before you close the Tosti with another piece of bread. 

  3. Baste the surface of the Tosti with oil and grill it golden brown on the BBQ! Don't run away cause it can go fast on the BBQ! Try to avoid to hot temperatures to prevent the bread from burning. 

Composing the salad

  1. Gently pull apart the leaves of the little gem salad an place them in a bowl. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper. 

  2. Chop the spring onions and mix them under the salad. 

  3. Slightly bake the cashew nuts until golden brown while you remove the pits and juice from the pomegranate.

  4. Add some of the juice to the salad at taste and mix gently through. Add some of the pomegranate and cashew nuts on top of the Salad.

Serve with a little bowl of Tomato Ketchup to dip the Tosti in! Have a great summer meal!