Cowboy Candy – Do you dare to play the game?

Cowboy Candy – Do you dare to play the game?

I bet you have at least one person among your friends that eats chili peppers for breakfast to prove he can. Or maybe you’re the one? This piece of candy for adults is just what you’ve been looking for to play with their minds. it tastes delicious but hell it can be hot! But don’t worry you can make the Cowboy candy with all kinds of peppers. I even made a suggestion for a fun game to play on your next BBQ Party.

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So what’s cowboy candy?

Last summer I had a lot of peppers out of my garden and started thinking about how I could use them. Soon I had the idea to try to candy them but it slipped out of my mind for months. Until I made the beer syrup I shared last week. Suddenly I remembered the idea and tried to make it. Wondering how to do it I started searching on the net looking for a technique on how to make the candied peppers. Soon I found out it allready existed and carries the name: “cowboy candy”. So cowboy candy is nothing more than candied peppers. A piece of candy that’s sweet and delicious until the capsaicin starts to tickle your tongue. Only the real cowboys will try a second one!

Beer flavored cowboy candy

I didn’t just copy the recipe. Since I had the beer syrup in mind I wanted to make my own version of the cowboy candy using this syrup. While reading the recipes I found out it would work perfectly so I gave it a try. With succes. The taste of the cowboy candy I made is pretty complex (for a piece of candy). It’s flavor develops from the sweet fruity berry flavored syrup to the warming pepper taste to end with a sting that’s hurting you enough to release some endorphines to make you happy and even want more. Doesn’t matter how spicy it is, you still want to try more. I tried it on some different peppers ranging from the kid’s version with sweet bell pepper to the more spicy Mme. Jeanette (100000-350000 Scoville).

Time for a game

That leads us to the game. Since the cowboy candy is as delicious with the soft peppers as with the hot ones and you barely recognize them (except from the colours) when they’re candied you can play some games with the cowboy candy. Think about Russian roulette with one (or more) hot peppers between some softer ones. You can also play regular beer games with the cowboy candy, where the loser has to eat a pepper not knowing how spicy it will be (and take an optional drink). Take the cowboy challenge: put the peppers from soft to extremely hot and see how far you and/or your friends can get. And so on. The possibilities are endless as long as you’re able to use your imagination. I bet there will be some hilarious situations!

Cowboy candy


How fun it can be to play with this adult piece of cowboy candy, use it with care! It’s strongly advisable to wear gloves while handling the peppers and don’t touch anything other than the peppers. You don’t want yourself or your kids to be irritated by the capsaicin oil that’s released. Second thing I learned!!! Don’t lose your eye from the hottest pieces of cowboy candy when your kids are present. My oldest who loves the spicy jalapeno version stole a mme. Jeanette piece of cowboy candy while I was looking the other side. He won’t steal for a couple of weeks I bet you! But believe me you don’t want your kids to eat them. And last is a personal thing: “don’t trick people with them”. I think people need to know what they eat and have a choice to do so! So if you’re playing games tell people what they can expect (it’s more fun for everyone).

Can I use them for cooking?

Yes you can! They are delicious as a topping on pizza, taco’s, nacho’s, with pulled pork, … The sweet and spicy touch is really pleasant and surprising when combined with your regular meals. It especially goes well with street food recipes. Another thing that works well is to use the spicy leftovers of the beer syrup for BBQ sauces. I’m still refining the recipe but it’s pretty promising (read I forgot to take notes). But possibly there are even more ways to enjoy this funny snack for chili lovers. What’s your suggestion?

So what do you think about the cowboy candy? Would you try the adult version or do you stay with the sweet bell pepper and skip for the excitement? I like to go for the hotter ones. But to be honest I can’t handle that much of them so I made the soft version for the taste (and the kids). I’m curious to hear your cowboy candy stories and games. So share it with your friends and come back to tell us all about it! Cheers

Beer flavored cowboy candy
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
2 hrs 20 mins
Total Time
2 hrs 30 mins

You like candy and peppers? You're not scared from a challenge? The daredevil among your friends? Try the Cowboy candy! How spicy will you go? Learn how to make the candied peppers with the following recipe!

Course: candy, Dessert, Side Dish
Cuisine: American, Belgian
  • 10 (or more) Hot peppers Pick the pepper of your taste or a variation of peppers
  • 250 ml beer syrup
  1. First you need to make your beer syrup by this recipe. You can use different beer than I did but it will lead to a different taste (like this porter syrup on Amazon if you don't feel like making it). Next time I will use a beer that leads to more hop notes in the end result. You can also opt for simple syrup but again the result will be less complex in flavor profile.

  2. Gently heat the syrup (make sure it doesn't boil). While the syrup is warming you can slice the peppers in rings. 

  3. Add the peppers to the hot syrup and let them infuse for 20 minutes.

  4. Remove the peppers from the syrup put them on a tray with a baking sheet and dry them in your BBQ/smoker (or oven) for 2 hrs at +- 70°C/160°F. If you can't control your BBQ at that temperature it's safer to use the oven. It's a sidedish after all.

  5. Put them aside to cool down uncoverd so the syrup can dry out a bit more. 

Have fun with this delicious piece of candy and don't forget to tell your friends about it!
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For the Cowboy candy: 
- There are affiliate links on the Porter beer syrup

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Candy – Do you dare to play the game?”

  • 4 stars

    I made this recipe last weekend using the regular chili peppers you can find in stores in The Netherlands.
    – Most of them are Really hot. They taste really nice,
    – Mine are still a bit sticky. Did you dry yours until completely dry & non-stick?
    I think they will taste great, in small pieces on a pulled pork Sandwich or Hamburger

    • Hey Jeroen glad you liked the taste. I made them sticky and dried a batch for a longer time too. Both are delicious but to add on pulled pork burgers I preferred them less dry. If you want to make them dryer you can add let them air dry for a day or put them in the oven for a couple of extra hours. What beer did you use btw?

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