Dates quinoa Salad with Nuts and Goat Cheese

Dates quinoa Salad with Nuts and Goat Cheese

“Another sidedish?” I can almost hear you think it… Yes indeed! “Isn’t this a BBQ blog?” Yes it is. “Shouldn’t this blog be all about meat?” No!! There’s more than meat at a BBQ. On the other hand I have to admit there are a lot of delicious meat recipes waiting to be published. AND there is the interview for the trail of passion that has been in the line for a while… Unfortunately I have some problems to face. That’s why I need to improvise… So here’s the dates quinoa salad I made last year.

Dates quinoa salad

Just when it’s BBQ season for most of the non-BBQ freaks my computer lets me down… So I’m falling back to old recipes I believe in. But don’t worry, while I’m looking to solve my problems I’ve made some delicious BBQ recipes. You can follow on instagram for some foodporn. You’ll also see some vacation photography over there. Leave a message if you feel like. I’ll come and look at your feed too! It’s a fun way to interact.

Dates Quinoa Salad

Dates Quinoa SaladThis delicious dates quinoa salad for instance I made last year in the summer time. I remember it was hot that time of the year. Back then we went cycling frequently and were searching for powerful healthy food leading to this meal. We found out this recipe combined well with smoked meat like these “Smoked Pork Cheeks” instead of the parma ham. If you’d like to go for a vegetarian meal you can also skip the meat (don’t haha). No seriously it would taste good too but this quinoa salad with dates could use something hearty.

Looking at the text I wrote back then I noticed these were the first pictures I made with my new camera. I’m still happy with the result of these pictures yet it makes me realise I have developed my skills by now. Yet i believe i can still learn a lot. I was actually hoping I could use my new editing style on these pictures but it simply doesn’t work for the moment. Maybe I’ll add them when problems are solved.

And now I’ll start the quest for a new laptop! Any suggestions are welcome! Looking for a computer that are easy to work with for editing pictures and doesn’t slow down doing so! I know nothing about computers so if you do please help me out! Any suggestions on this “dates quinoa salad” or other delicious recipes are welcome too! Please share yours in comments below. Don’t hesitate to share mine with your friends either. Maybe you’ll find some more inspiration in the recipe index.

Dates Quinoa Salad, Nuts and Goat Cheese

Dates Quinoa Salad, Nuts and Goat Cheese


  • Quinoa
  • Apple Juice
  • Nut Mixture
  • Goat Cheese
  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Parma Ham
  • Honey
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Cider vinegar


As you can see I didn't add the amounts to the ingredients. You can make this Quinoa Salad at taste! Some like it fresh other like it a little bit sweeter, some like more nuts, ... It's up to you but these ingredients combine excellent! Start by boiling the Quinoa. Instead of using water we used the same amount of fresh apple juice. Meanwhile roast the nuts in a hot pan. Cut the Dates in big pieces and add some raisins. Put these ingredients all together in a large bowl and stir some honey into it. Serve with pieces of goat cheese and Parma Ham.

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