Roadkill chicken with IPA rub – Dizzy Pig Review

Roadkill chicken with IPA rub – Dizzy Pig Review

I have to admit I’m sceptic about most commercial rubs. Quite often they aren’t as special as you would expect them to be given their price. I understand they’re easy on those moments we lack the time to make things from scratch. Yet I believe they are easy to make ahead and most people are able to put together a decent seasoning (with or without help of the world wide web). Moreover you can tweak it to your preference adding more or less of some ingredient. So why would you buy a premade rub? It took me a while to find out, but the Dizzy Pig’s IPA Rub convinced me. Actually it blew me away! And the addition of hops wasn’t even the main reason…

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Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links. All opionions shared are my own. provided the rub and brine for tasting.”

IPA rub as in Indian Pale Ale?

If you love a decent beer like me you might be familiar with the concept of an “IPA” aka. the “Indian Pale Ale”. Why would a BBQ rub be called after a beer? Simply because the IPA style beers inspired the producers of this marvelous rub. The typical often tropical bitter tasting beers find their characteristic flavor profile in the additional amount of hops added to the beer. Being the first brand who uses Hops in their rub they add more hops than usually. So by doing this it can be compared to the beer style. So being an IPA lover I really wanted to test this IPA rub.

IPA rub

Taste” send me a sample of the IPA rub when I shared them my interest. How curious it might sound, I was still a bit sceptic. Wouldn’t the hop overpresent in the result? Not at all. The hoppy taste is very subtle. I even doubt if most people would notice it’s in the rub if it wasn’t mentioned. So if it’s that subtle, why would one be blown away? Simply because this is the most balanced rub I ever tasted, leading to an interesting flavour development while eating. I don’t know if the hops in the IPA rub cause this flavour development or not, and I don’t even care, it’s fantastic. (Note: actually I do so if one could explain me please do).

Apple chipotle BBQ Bath

While the IPA rub convinced me to try some more commercial rubs (seriously I had given up on trying them), I’m still not convinced about the commercial brines. I used this Apple chipotle BBQ bath and had some high expectations about the flavor profile. I love the combination of flavors and hoped it would support the meat. The bottle tells us it can be used on every piece of meat. Actually I doubt whether this is a good idea. I tested the Apple chipotle BBQ Bath on Shrimps and chicken and barely tasted anything of those flavours. Moreover I had the idea the brine needed more salt with a slightly better result on the chicken. Maybe if you’d use the whole bottle it could add more taste (but it will be very expensive).

IPA rub


So if not for the taste, should we consider buying the BBQ bath? I’m not sure about this. Maybe if you often end up with a dry piece of chicken it can be worth trying if this brine makes a difference. Actually I rarely have a dry piece of chicken. Especially when cooking chicken low and slow roadkill style and watching the temperature it’s hard to do wrong. So while my chicken mostly is very moist, now I noticed a huge amount of juice. Hard to tell wether it’s juicyer than without or with a homemade brine though. In case of doubt you could compare two pieces prepared the same way to be sure. Nevertheless if it’s not a problem the way you prepare your chicken, why would you bother?

First of all I want to thank Bart from “” for making it possible for me to test these products. I tried to bring an honest review of both products. If you should remember one thing from this post, it is to give the IPA rub by Dizzy Pig’s a try. You won’t regret. Please let me know if you did and (dis)agree with me. Second I want to invite you to tag or share this post to a friend or join us on social media for a chat. If you make one of these recipes, don’t forget to tag me with @the_bbq_bastard or using #thebbqbastard. 

Roadkill Chicken in IPA Rub
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
10 hrs
Total Time
1 hr 10 mins

Are you sceptic about commercial rubs? I was too! Yet this Chicken with the dizzy Pig's IPA rub convinced me a storebought rub can be worth a try! With this rub you'll end up with a stunning piece of chicken in no time! Look at the recipe and find out how easy it is! 

Course: Main Course, Poultry
Cuisine: American
Servings: 4
  • 1 whole chicken about 1.5kg
  • 300 ml Apple Chipotle BBQ Bath
  • 2 tbsp salt
  • 2 tbsp mustard
  • Dizzy Pig IPA BBQ Rub optional
  • 3 branches Kiwi wood or 3 chunks apple wood
Butterfly the chicken
  1. Put the chicken on a plate resting on the breast side and get yourself a sharp knife. Cut the backbone out of the chicken with the knife and split it open.

  2. Add 300 ml Sweetwater spice company Apple Chipotle BBQ Bath, 2 Tbsp salt and 200 ml water to a large Food container

  3. Marinate the chicken overnight (or 4 hours when using an instant marinator). Flip the chicken every once a while when it's not completely covered by the marinade. 

BBQ Action
  1. While the chicken is marinating you can start your fire for an indirect cooking session at 150°C/300°F.
  2. Pat the chicken dry with a kitchen towel and rub the inner side of the chicken with Dizzy Pig's IPA BBQ Rub. You can rub some mustard on the chicken before adding the rub to make it stick easier. Turn around and do the other side. Don't forget to rub underneath the skin to enhance the flavor intake of the meat. 

  3. Add some smokewood to the coals. I used Kiwi wood but you can replace it by other fruit wood, like grape vines, apple wood, pear, cherry, ... Wait until the smoke turns blue and thin before putting the chicken in the BBQ. Close the lid and let the roadkill chicken with IPA Rub smoke until you reach an internal temp. of  70°C/160°F (in the breast).

  4. Once you reached the internal temperature of 70°C/160°F you can remove the platesetter and grill the chicken on both sides for about 2 minutes to crisp the skin slightly. Watch out you don't burn the sugars in the rub or it will turn bitter.

  5. Let rest for about fifteen minutes before serving. Check the core temperature. It definetely needs to be at least 75°C/167°F (and if possible not much more).
Serve with your favorite side and have a nice meal! Hint: serve with apple sauce and fries and your kids will go nuts!
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For the IPA RUB chicken: 
- There are affiliate links on the IPA RUB, FOOD CONTAINTER and Brine

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