Nutty Ribs – slightly crunchy, full of taste

Nutty Ribs – slightly crunchy, full of taste

Nutty Ribs… You don’t need to be nuts to eat them! Only to make them. It get’s kinda messy to prepare them. But what you get in the end is worth all the effort. But that’s not really why I named them “Nutty Ribs”. These ribs are covered with a nutty crust. This way they get a deep fried like crust. Yet they have only seen my “Napoleon Rogue”. 

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Disclosure: "This post features a sponsered test BBQ by Napoleon grills and affiliate links. All opionions shared are my own."


Nutty Ribs: the idea

You know those moments where you are looking for some healthy inspiration? You grab a healthy cookbook (owned by the lady of course) and start to leaf through the book. Until you stumble upon a recipe that makes you dream about ribs… I had it with the Pablo’s chicken recipe by Hemsley and Hemsley. And I need to admit this time it wasn’t because of the way to healthy looking recipes in the book (buy here)! It’s full of recipes most of us would enjoy eating. But back to Pablo’s chicken. It’s a healthy recipe to replace fried chicken drumsticks. I bet it’s even better than real fried drumsticks. Those girls made a crust with crushed nuts. Genious! So I took the idea and used it on ribs! With succes!

A nutty crust

This is the best part! The crust is really nuts in both ways! Not only does it bring a nice crunch to the ribs, it also tastes awesome! The combination of ground almonds and sunflower seeds brings a deep rich taste. Whisk some eggs and rub it over the ribs before adding the nutty rub and put them on the grill. Spray them with some vegetable oil and let them smoke for about 1h.15 at 150°C and grill them on a hot fire in the end. Bam you got yourself some killer ribs. But pay attention while transferring the ribs to the grill… I did a sloppy job…

Using the Napoleon Rogue gas grill.

Since I made this ribs in the middle of the week, I used the Napoleon Rogue I got from Napoleon Grills for a couple of months. They asked me to test the grill and share my opinions. Hell yeah… I shared some recipes cooked on this gas grill before (find them here) but this is the first BBQ classic I make on the Rogue. It’s a perfect toy to increase the amount of BBQ sessions. Especially during the week (I’m at 3 in a row now). The Napoleon Rogue is ready and burning in no time. By tossing in a chunk of apple wood in the cast iron coal tray you get a nice smokey touch (install the tray?). So who’s complaining? 1hr15 minutes later these beauties were waiting! If you really want to use charcoal you can buy adding some to the tray but I did opt to try it without. I love my Kamado but I bet you I will miss this grill in a couple of months.

Thanks for reading this Nutty Ribs post! Now let me see your experiments! Join us on Facebook and post your own recipes and pictures. Or just take a moment to share your thoughts. Cause what’s BBQ without a nice chat? I bet your friends will think the same about it. So don’t hesitate to share these ribs with them. 

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Nutty Ribs
Prep Time
15 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 15 mins
Total Time
1 hr 30 mins

Nutty Ribs! You gotta love them! They come with a crunchy nutted crust inspired on Hemsley and Hemsley's "Pablo Chicken". Smoke the Nutty Ribs on your BBQ and you'll have a lovely stack of ribs to serve at your next party! What would you drink with it?

Course: Aperitif, Main Course, Snack
Servings: 4
Author: BBQ Bastard
  • 2 slabs babyback ribs
  • 2 eggs
  • 120 gr ground almonds
  • 120 gr ground sunflower seeds
  • 1 tsp liquid coconut oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
Rub (or pick your favorite one)
  • 4 tsp hot smoked paprika powder or regular paprika powder
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • 2 tsp sea salt
  • 1.5 tsp dried thyme
  • 1.5 tsp dried oregano
  • 1 tsp lemon zest optional
  1. Prepare your BBQ for smoking at medium heat 150°C-180°C (300-350°F). Opt for indirect cooking. When using a gas grill you use the outer burners at medium heat.

  2. Put a chunk of apple wood in the charcoal tray and wait until it starts burning. 

  3. Meanwhile mix the sunflower seeds and almonds. Use a blender for this. When the nuts and seeds are mixed, add the rub ingredients and mix thoroughly by hand so you can break up possible clumps. Beat the eggs in a large bowl. 

  4. Dip the ribs in the beaten eggs one at a time. Sprinkle the spiced nuts over the ribs.

  5. Once the smoke in your BBQ turns blue and you got a stable temperature you can add the ribs to the indirect cooking zone for 1h15 min. Gently sprinkle some hot coconut oil on top of the ribs. Be carefull in this stage. I was a bit sloppy and ruined the crust from the beginning... Better luck next time :p

  6. After 75 minutes heat the grill and colour your crust on the direct heat zone of your grill until you have nice light brown crusted ribs. 

  7. Cut the ribs in pieces and serve with your favorite BBQ sauce and beer. 

Have fun preparing and enjoy eating!
With my blog I try to share some passion. Some times I get some test products by passionate people or make use of affiliate links to cope with the costs. By buying through these links I earn a small commision without costs for you! All opinions shared are my own and no false statements will be made!

In this dry cured pulled pork recipe: 
- There are affiliate links on the book by "Hemsley and Hemsley", "The Napoleon Rogue" and "Cast Iron Coal tray"
- The Napoleon Rogue was given by Napoleon Grills as a test product for 5 months. All opinions shared are my own.


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