Reggae Bruges: Photography excercise

Reggae BrugesReggae Bruges: About the picture

Since the beginning of 2015 I’m persuing one of my dreams. I bought a reflex camera about 5 years ago with the intention to follow some lessons. It took me a while but the game is on! I made this picture for an excercise on “Depth of Field”.

This guy was playing some reggae music at the end of the winter season in Bruges. He played some Bob Marley covers but made some reggae covers too. Michael Jackson and The Beatles among them. Even in winter time he managed to entertain the crowd and make them move on the Jamaican vibes.

Though Reggae ain’t my favorite kind of music, I really appreciate the genre on a hot summer day. Pouring in some Gin Tonic and taking it low and slow! This picture seems to bring together some interests “Around the Pit”. This part of the site will contain some of my other interests.

What can you expect “Around the pit”?

In the Photography section I intend to post about inspiring artists and my own learning process. My lessons will start again in a few weeks. So you can expect some more pictures in between the recipes I’ll post. All pictures on this blog are my own too. So if some are a bit unsharp or have some bad lighting, you know why (mostly when I’m hungry).

The Section “Have a drink” will contain some posts about booze. My opinion on what I’m drinking (being no expert at all) and sharing some recipes (mostly gin tonic). The last part “On the radio” will include music I like! My music taste is rather big. Metal, postrock, singer-songwriter, Blues, Rock and roll, … I’m even getting into Deephouse and other elektronic music lately.

Do you have a picture you’re proud of? Please let me know! I’ll be happy to watch them and learn more about this form of art! Since I’m just at the beginning of my learning proces, feedback is more than welcome!