Chicken Envelopes with Dates and Fresh Cheese

Chicken Envelopes with Dates  and Fresh Cheese

I could start this post with a stupid joke about how I like breasts… Ah why not…? I seriously do love them… No matter how they’re presented they always make me drool. Better: I adore pure breasts. They make me want to do some experiments. Today I had the joy to rub two juicy breast with sweet Fig Glaze. I was longing to taste them. After some low and slow smoking hot foreplay I tasted heaven on earth!

There’s even more! Those who know about my quest to please my wife, may be able to imagine my face while watching her carefully join the party. Especially the moment when she surrendered to this sinful deed and moaned “We should do this again” made me weak. I’m not Sergio Herman at all and may exaggerate a little, but this was pure “Sex on a plate”.

Chicken Envelopes:

Ingredients:Chicken envelopes

  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 200 gr. Fresh Cheese
  • +- 10 dates
  • Pine nuts
  • Some Lemon Verbena leaves.
  • Lemon thyme
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Fig Jam


Before you start preparing this dish you could choose to brine the chicken breasts. We’re not so good in planning things… This recipe was made on a late call for food… We just cured them with salt and pepper after preparing them as envelopes and before stuffing them. While you’re preparing the breasts you can preheat the BBQ at 200°C or 400°F (direct heat)Chicken Envelopes

The filling is made by mixing the fresh cheese with baked pines, chopped dates and finely sliced Lemon thyme and Verbena. You can add some salt and pepper at taste. This filling has a fresh lemon taste that combines well with the heavy sweetness from the dates! I’m thinking about stuffing some dates with this mixture and wrapping them with bacon to serve as appetizer.

Chicken Envelopes

Once you’ve stuffed and closed the envelopes you could secure them with some wet toothpicks to prevent the cheese from daggling your praised BBQ. Don’t forget to add some salt and pepper (or extra herbs). Now you are ready for the grilling part. You want the breast with golden brown grillmarks.

Chicken Envelopes

Now remove the breast from the BBQ. Put in a platesetter or heat shield to convert your BBQ for indirect heat. When using a kamado you will see the grate temperature drops. I aimed for 150°C or 300°F. Now you’re save for some time. The breasts are ready when they reach an internal temp. from 70°C or 160°F. Be careful not to measure the cheese or you will end up wrong… When you see you’re getting near 50°C you can start glazing the breasts with fig jam. I only used a thin coat and in my opinion it didn’t need much more. Otherwise I fear the sweetness would overrule the chicken. That’s not what we want! So here’s the result:

Chicken Envelopes

Chicken Envelopes

As you might have read in the intro! My wife and I enjoyed this recipe! I’ll certainly make this again with some brined breasts improve (hopefully). I hope you’ll give them a try! They taste sweet and refreshing. Please use the share button if you like this recipe and want to see more posts like this.