A Rage Against The Machine legacy: Stray from the Path

A Rage Against The Machine legacy: Stray from the Path

Pumping guitars, furious rap, driving furious guitar play, breakdown, tension building, social criticism, tension building, OUTBURST: FUCK THEM NO JUSTICE!!!

This could easily be a description on a Rage Against the Machine album! Maybe it even is… But don’t mix things up here! We’re talking about the latest Stray From The Path album over here! The Long Island based band is known for it’s furious alternative hardcore since the beginning (2001). I have to say I didn’t care much for their music in the beginning. To me their songs were rather mediocre raging from the beginning to the end. Listening to the past albums learned me they showed some evolution each release. Did I like them? Ah just little… Actually I did forget about this band rather quickly recognizing their talent but just not my cup of coffee I think.

Subliminal Criminal Stray

Source: Sumerian Records

Subliminal Criminal

Some months ago I noticed a new album was released. Given the progression they made early on I decided to give it a go. BAM in my face. This album obviously gets it’s influence out of the greatest work of Rage Against the Machine. Add some furiosity and the hardcore touch and you get a “Subliminal Criminal” album. Is this a bad thing? Something to be ashamed of? Not at all! I enjoy this record every single moment I listen. It’s just one of those records that’s able to make me enjoy outing my frustration. Easy to sing/scream along. Pounding breakdowns to control the anger, outburst to release it all! What a relief.

“Badge and a Bullet” for instance gives a good overview on the album. All elements spread in the other songs are gathered here. I can easily throw things song back in my memory and hear me listen it at the age of 16. It would have triggered me immediately being a little (passive) anarchist at the time. Nowadays the lyrics get my attention by the projection I make on a current situation I needed to cope with. Actually I heard Fuck the new Justice what would fit better in my interpretation on the song!


“So which side are you walking on?
Which side, tell me which side?
Trained to never trust us
So where the fuck is the justice?
Which side are you walking on?
Which side, tell me which side?
Trained to never trust us
(Trust us)
Fuck them
No justice”

As you can read “Subliminal criminal” contains some clear criticism on society with a lot of f*cks and expressed anger. But don’t be mistaken by this part of the song! The lyrics actually go deeper. This song is about the police brutality in America. They talk about the incidents where black people got killed due to police force. On this album Stray from the Path shows evidence of some good writing and song building skills. No it’s not new… Yes Rage Against The Machine is the father of this sound… But can you complain when getting an enflamed son following the same path and bringing more of the goods? I won’t! And if you do? F*CK you!

Hope to hear what you think about this album. Please leave a message in comment even (or especially) when you disagree. Looking forward to a nice chat about music!