Coke brined chicken

Coke brined chicken

Chicken is a lovely product! There are many different flavours that go well along this kind of meat. This way it’s giving lot’s of opportunities to experiment with. I might have mentioned before that I like to search for perfection in certain recipes. I have it with ribs, bacon, pizza dough (you should try this one), … These dishes always taste good but slight changes or different techniques could cause a big influence. How interesting could it get. In the light of this quest I tried the coke brined chicken.

Coke brined chicken

Knowing this you could probably understand it’s not only the kids who are looking forward to the next chicken experiment. Over here I’ll try to share some of the recipes I’m experimenting with. But actually the “Captain Morgan Rum Chicken” I made earlier came close to “my perfection”. Sometimes I try out some own creations like the rum chicken. Other times I try recipes I find on the internet. When doing this I mostly can’t resist the urge to experiment. At least if I’m not forced to do so by lack of organisation. That’s what happened right here.

Coke Brined Chicken:

Technology let me down last monday and I could not find a solution. This way I had to search my ingredients from what I had stored in memory. Luckily for me I had recently read some recipes on coke brined chicken. I based this version on a combination of these recipes but unfortunately can’t say which ones. Since it was a regular week day I chose the easy way by picking some pomme duchesse out of the freezer.


Coke Brined Chicken
  • 400 ml . coke
  • 2 tbsp . ketjap manis
  • 2 tbsp . ketchup
  • 2 tbsp . worcestershire
  • 3 tbsp . salt
  • 2 tbsp . pepper
  • 2 tbsp . siracha hot chili sauce (mild hot flavour with a garlic touch)
  • 2 chicken thighs
  1. Prepare the Brine by mixing the ingredients above

  2. Cut the skin loose but make sure it still attached on one side (see picture above).

  3. Take a knive and try to scrape some fat from the skin and put the chicken thighs in the brine for at least 1h.

  4. Remove the thighs from the brine and pat them dry.

  5. Place some spices and butter on the thighs and place the skin back at it’s place and rub them with oil (I didn’t use extra herbs here to experience how the brine tasted in the chicken)

  6. Put the thighs over indirect fire (+-150°C/300°F) for about 1- 1.5h. till a core temperature from about 70-72°C (160°F)

  7. Put them over hot fire with the skin side down till it’s crispy

Result: tasteful moist chicken thighs with a crispy skin! They could use some extra pepper and salt after brining for extra flavour! But a good start to experiment with. I served them with clove flavoured applesauce (nice extra).

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