For the love of music: Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack!

For the love of music: Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack!

I think it was about time to finally write something about music over here. Actually I’ve been through a period where I took way to less time to lean back and really listen to the music with full attention. I’ve been busy creating this site, had my mind occupied by some personal circumstances, … And on top of these things I lost my cable to listen to the music on my phone in the car. And that’s just the place where I have most time to let the music come to my mind. 

Stan Webb: Strange Situations

Luckily I found it back yesterday. This way I could enjoy a superb moment this morning. While driving my car at work there was a thin mist over the fields why the sun rose over the fields. For once I was in no hurry since I was planned to arrive 10m. before I had to start working (Unfortunately a rare moment). My music played on shuffle rocking the morning with songs as:

  • Iron Maiden – Montsegur
  • K’s Choice – Private Revolution
  • The Strypes – Blue Collar Jane
  • The living end – West End Riot

I got in a nice vibe preparing for a day at work. Having a cold a little power in the morning felt good. But the real “magic” came after these energy bombs. The playlist hit this brilliant song:

The rythm guitar drops in with a slight intensity of power making the bridge from the past songs into this one. Stan Webb’s clear vocals attracting the attention while the song gently evolves in subtle guitar virtuosity. As the song is growing you feel the passionate guitar play getting more intense. I think you can imagine how the mood of this song amplified the “magic” of the moment. It got me energetic, wondered and relaxed. Ideal combination if you ask me.

I got to know this song at work. One of the therapies I’m giving is named “Music as speaking-tube” (sounds a bit weird in english). The goal of this therapy is getting in contact with your emotions by music. Not only do I believe in this concept, it’s also a great source of music for me. I think I would never have heard of Stan Webb if this song wouldn’t have came to my ear this way.

I can’t find much information about Stan Webb and the Chicken Shack. So those who could help me out please let me know! You can respond below or on Facebook.