Turkey Roulade

Turkey Roulade

Turkey RouladeI finally got to fire up my new Black Bastard Kamado! It has been a long time waiting for the last parts but today was a great occasion for a lovely maiden run: my wife’s birthday! We invited some friends for dinner and they helped me out giving her a superb party. As birthday tradition wants the party animal decides the menu! Luckily my girl likes to please others so she picked a BBQ friendly recipe: Turkey Roulade.

The recipe for this Turkey Roulade was inspired by the book “Mijn pure Keuken” by Pascale Naessens. Pascale Naessens is some kind of health guru here in Belgium trying to promote healty food by making books with verry tasteful recipes. The key is of her recipes is making food combinations that are easy to digest. For instance when you eat meat and vegetables you can’t eat potatoes. I think it could work but some dinners just ask for croquettes! Who doesn’t love them? Sorry Pascale for I have sinned… I served your tasteful roulade with this delight and made broccoli with mushrooms as extra sidedish. My wife made her delicious mushroom sauce for the lovers! I can tell you: “This sauce was starring tonight!”.

Turkey Roulade Recipe:

Ingredients:Turkey Roulade

  • 1 Turkey Breast
  • 6 Slices of Prosciutto
  • 250 gr. Spinach
  • 300 gr. Cherry Tomatoes
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic


  • Kamado or Kettle BBQ (+ Smoker BBQ optional)
  • Platesetter
  • Kitchen Twine


The day before you’re celebrating you start with drying the Cherry Tomatoes. Start with firing up your Smoker BBQ at low temperature +- 100°C (or preheat the oven at 100°C). While you’re BBQ is getting the right temperature you start cutting the tomatoes in four parts. Remove the pulp and put them in a large bowl. Spice the tomatoes with salt and pepper and sprinkle some olive oil over the tomatoes. Spread them over a large plate (bold side down) with crushed garlic in between and put them in the BBQ for +/- 3hrs. This is slightly different than in the book but I found out this worked better. Let the tomatoes cool down in the fridge overnight. If you want to save some work you could just buy some sundried tomatoes but you’ll mis out a lot of fun and homemade flavours in your turkey roulade… The choice is up to you!

Dinner day: Prepare the turkey roulade stuffing

Start by cooking the Spinach in olive oil till it’s fully reduced. Meanwhile you can prepare your Turkey breast. We need the breasts butterflie. You don’t know how? Martha will show you at +- minute 3! Or you just ask your butcher if you’re afraid to lose your fingers. Once you’ve butterflied the breasts you open them up and spice them with salt and pepper before spreading the Spinach.


Add the dried tomatoes and cover them with the Prosciutto. Once you’ve done this part you roll the breast up and tie it firmly. Since we don’t want people leave our house hungry we did this 3 times.

Fire up the Kamado again aiming for an indirect fire of 180°C. Once you’ve reached this temperature, remove the platesetter and colour the breasts over direct fire. You’re searching for a golden brown colour. Once they’ve reached their nice tan, put back the platesetter and cook the Roulade for about 40 minutes over indirect fire. Remove the breasts and let them rest when they reach 70°C (160°F). After resting a half hour the temperature will be about 77°C (170°F). You will have a nice and juicy result!

The first of three was ready before the rest! That’s why you see only 2  of them in the result! My wife and me liked them and we hope our guests did too! At least they told they did… We had some Turkey Roulade leftovers but that was no problem at all since they tasted verry good the day after on a sandwich. So always aim at leftovers for the day after! You’ll be glad to eat these at lunch break.

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