BBQ Bastard’s first birthday round-up

BBQ Bastard’s first birthday round-up

Time goes fast when you’re having fun… I try to stay away from the clichés but sometimes you can’t go around them. It’s my first BBQ Bastard blogging birthday over here at Time to take a look back traveling through the 5 most visited recipes on the blog. I can tell you there’s a surprising one among them. Besides I share you my favorite and beg you to take a look at the least succesful one so far. Maybe you’ll discover some posts you missed before?

1 Year BBQ Bastard

BBQ Bastard Birthday round up: 7 recipes summarizing the experience on my first year blogging

First of all I want to say thanks to all you visitors and especially those coming back for commenting and/or sharing what they liked or giving a look at the new recipes. Without you I would be putting up recipes for myself. I guess I would still do it but hey, who doesn’t want his piece of attention while doing what he or she loves? Moreover it’s a good way to aim for better. While this blog is growing, I think I can say my skills are too… About growing: “Did you tell your friends about this blog? Shouldn’t you?”

“Worst things first”

BBQ Bastard

Let’s try starting this birthday round up with the “worst”. For what it’s worth since we’re only looking at numbers for this. Actually it’s a bit representative for this blog to have a vegetable recipe as a red lantern. Meat always wins from vegetables in BBQ world. And I’ve found out classics do better too… Correct me if I’m wrong. Nevertheless I still believe in the power of vegetables on the BBQ and think there’s more than classics (how great they are). Don’t worry I’m smelling some pulled pork right now so classics wil stay at BBQ Bastard too

But I’ll continue to publish some delicious non classic meals and vegetable recipes too. Like it or not, you’re free to skip them although it’s not my advice. About the red lantern. I made these delicious eggplant slices some weeks ago after our trip to France. They were combined with the delicious Provencal Lamb Chops and I would advice to combine them too. They are a great match after all.

5: Inspired by the trail of passion

Roasted Cauliflower

How is that for a surprise? I did never expect the cauliflower to be in the top 5 after my first year blogging. It reminds me on the Trail of Passion interview I did with John Hargate. If you didn’t read it before you’ll have to take a look! It’s an inspiring man in many ways. We talked about music and vegetarian BBQ. I have to say I had many ideas after the chat that I didn’t make so far! So stay tuned if you like the idea.

4: About blogging friends

Irish Coffee pork tenderloin

Less surprising is this delicious Irish Coffee pork tenderloin I made inspired by my former blogging mate Jesse who inspired me for this recipe. Actually it’s a good example to talk about one of the biggest benefits of blogging. I actually got in contact with some great people with a passion for what they do. But most of all they all seem to be happy to share their experience. Somewhat comparable to the BBQ scene there’s a lot of respect among each other. I have to admit I’ve learned a lot by others in the past year, both on cooking, blogging and photography skills.

3: Interesting products

Red eye ribs - kopie

The Red Eye Ribs lead me to another great advantage on blogging. Besides fellow bloggers I got in contact with some people who like their quality products to be promoted. This way I got some interesting products to test and review. One of the reviews coming soon is the book review about “Project smoke” from Steven Raichlen. As promised before I’ll always share my honest opinion just like I did at the start when I bought my own books to review. I recently made the “Buccaneer ribs” from this book too. If you’re interested in the book, take a look at the post about those ribs and you’ll find a link to it.

2: Travel inspiration

Pizza Gorgonzola

Almost at the winner of this round up. But first things first. Number 2 is this delicious all moments pizza. Breakfast, dinner or dessert I promise you it’ll always be a big hit! Those foodies among you might know how it is to travel. Constantly scanning for ideas. This recipe is a product of this. Inspired by our trip to the wonderful Amsterdam. Curious? Click on the picture above and you’ll read more about it.

1: Creating!
Blessed-Bastard chicken-Wings - kopie

The post leading the most visitors tournament is the one about these delicious “Blessed Bastard Chicken Wings”. Actually I’m proud about this recipe since it’s one I made completely by myself, a true BBQ Bastard creation. Read about it in the post above. The Blessed Bastard BBQ sauce serves well on pork too! Last weekend I used it on ribs and they were a blast. I hope to share them soon but I had no pictures from the end product… I’m in the baddest position ever… I think I need to make them again now.

My personal favorite

Birthday Roundup

One of the recipes that lead me into writing more about the meals I prepared. It’s one of the first recipes posted over here and I think one of the first Meat pictures I really loved. I’ve had a hard time chosing the best but after all I always seem to think back at this recipe since it was the most surprising one. Served with a delicious Fennel Salad in a wrap right before the start of my sons birthday party. What’s your favorite recipe on this blog? One of those mentioned above or would you advice another one?

Thanks to all of you who have been reading the posts over here at the BBQ Bastard. I hope to hear some more about your cooking adventures the coming year(s). I’m sure I could learn a lot by these experiences.


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