Grilled Chicken hearts – nose-to-tail appetizer

Grilled Chicken hearts – nose-to-tail appetizer

Are you fond of those from nose-to-tail recipes? Hell yeah…  You should be! Or at least you need to try them. These grilled chicken hearts are a perfect introduction into the world of organ food. They are pretty easy to make, done in no time and most of all blowing your mind! With a simple touch of salt you’ll turn these chicken hearts into a delicacy! Ask my kids and you’ll find out you have no excuses left to ignore these chicken hearts. But do you have the balls eat them yourself? Don’t worry I won’t eat your balls if you are man enough to show them (please do not take this literally)!

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Nose to tail

Being huge carnivore’s we can’t ignore the nose-to-tail eating experience! Not only because offal is really delicious. Though vegans could blaim us for being murderers and sadistic people eating grilled chicken hearts. Looking from my carnivore perspective it’s the most respectful approach. I truly believe we should kill less animals and eat more from those who die! Food waste is terrible! Especially when animals died for the purpose of eating them! Besides eating from nose to tail I also think we should skip meat every once a while. It’s your decision, but for the last weeks I’ve been eating vegetarian food for lunch. Unfortunately not always as delicious as I hoped it would be…  What are your thoughts on this subject?

Grilled chicken hearts

Grilled chicken hearts

Eating grilled chicken hearts might sound weird for a lot of people. Yet it’s not that special! In the asian countries grilled chicken hearts are often served in Yakitori restaurants along with liver, sking, … The heart of a chicken is a hard working muscle full of flavour. It needs just a touch of the grill to be done. I’ve tried a couple of flavor profiles but always come back to the version with nothing more than salt. Pierce the chicken hearts on a skewer and season them with coarse salt. Put them on top of a medium heat grill and turn them every couple of minutes. In no time you will end up with a delicious appetizer. I bet your guests would love the grilled chicken hearts (at least for most when they don’t know what they’re eating). Yet I think you need to be honest about it and tell them why it’s important to taste. But then again, who am I?

Grilled chicken hearts
Combine these delicious grilled chicken hearts with some homemade Tare and you’ll be serving a really awesome Yakitori meal to your guests! Would you dare to taste them? Or do you have some other awesome offal recipes you want to share? Please take a moment to leave a comment! Oh and don’t forget to share away!
Grilled chicken hearts skewers
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Eating from nose-to-tail is something important for meat lovers! You got to respect every part of the animal that has lived and died for our “pleasure/food intake”. I’m pretty proud at my two boys for being a big fan of these grilled chicken hearts skewers. Want to find out why they love them? In no time you’ll find out when making them! I bet even my kids could make these!
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: asian, Japanese
Keyword: Chicken hearts, Grilled, offal, organs
Servings: 4 people
  • 600 Gr. chicken hearts
  • Salt at taste
  • Homemade Tare or Yakitori sauce optional
  1. Start your grill for a direct grilling session at medium heat (about 200°C/400°F)
  2. While the bbq is heating up you can put the chicken hearts on flat skewers. When using bamboo skewers you can soak them to prevent them from burning.
  3. Optional: make some homemade Tare following the steps in this recipe.
  4. Season with salt at taste. You can use your favorite rub too but I prefer them with plain salt.
  5. Grill the chicken hearts for about 10 – 15 minutes flipping them about every 2 minutes.

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