Rosemary Naan Broodjes op de BBQ

Rosemary Naan Broodjes op de BBQ

On summer days like these days, we often light the BBQ for a quick lunch. Light dishes are often served on these moments. A toast with smoked salmon, a sandwich with smoked chicken, … Usually we take a sandwich from the baker. But every now and then we make fresh naan bread from scratch. With only a few ingredients you can make these delicious Rosemary Naan breads in no time and then you can serve them with some tasty toppings! The roasted BBQ flavour adds just that little extra to your lunch.

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Naan breads are very easy to make. You hardly need any ingredients. Traditionally, these sandwiches are made with flour, yoghurt and yeast (or sourdough). Nothing less, nothing more. Their origin goes far back in time and was brought to India by the mongols. The delicious breads are traditionally baked in a tandoor. The cylindrical charcoal oven on which the Japanese put a lid and thus formed the basis for the creation of the Kamado that we know these days. Just like this evolution from Tandoor to Kamado, the recipe has been developed over time. Meanwhile, for a quick variant instead of yeast (or sourdough), self-rising flour is used. So did I for the recipe for these Rosemary Naan breads. The ancient Persian word “Naan” means nothing more than bread, so nowadays we speak of bread breads when referring to the lovely charcoal roasted breads.

Rosemary Naan

Although making sandwiches is often seen as quite a job, especially if it comes from the BBQ. Making the Rosemary Naan doesn’t take much effort. You simply make the dough by mixing the ingredients. This can be done by hand or if you want to make it a bit easier for yourself with the dough beater of your Food Processor. Of course you don’t have a Rosemary Naan without rosemary. You can (just like other herbs by the way) finely slice it and add it to the dough before mixing. Then you portion the dough ball into smaller pieces and press it gently by hand to flatten them from the inside to the outside. Dent the dough as thin as possible without pushing cracks in it and try to shape them as evenly as possible so that all pieces are baked equally. Tip: brushing the dough lightly with oil or ghee helps to give the buns a nice colour and also seems to protect the Rosemary Naan from burned spots (as you can see on the picture one of the buns was not basted with oil).

Rosemary Naan

With a glance at the recipe you will undoubtedly notice that these Naan breads are not so difficult to make. At your next BBQ party it might be a nice idea to serve the Rosemary Naan. They are great to dip in a sauce or the juices of the meat! Be sure to let us know what dish you ate these Naan sandwiches with. You can do this by tagging me on Facebook and/or Instagram! Enjoy your meal.

Rosemary Naan at the BBQ
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
6 mins
Total Time
16 mins
A wonderfully simple sandwich on the BBQ without wasting too much time on this side? The Rosemary Naan is an excellent choice! Have fun baking!
Course: bread, Sidedish
Cuisine: Indian, Persian
Keyword: bread, cast iron, classic, classic joe, grid, Grilled, kamado, naan, tandoor
Servings: 4 Naan
  • 200 gr. self-rising flower
  • 300 gr. low-fat yoghurt or skyr
  • 4 gr. salt
  • 2 sprigs of finely chopped rosemary
  • 2 tbsp oil
  1. Take the bowl from your food processor and add the ingredients (except the oil).
  2. Mix well until the dough is firm in texture and no longer granular (otherwise add some yogurt).
  3. Divide the dough ball into 4 equal parts and push it flat from the middle outwards with a flat hand until you have a thin flat disc.
  4. Prepare your BBQ for a direct session at medium temperature +-200°C (for nice grill marks a cast iron grid is handy).
  5. Brush the Rosemary Naan with a thin layer of oil and grill for a few minutes on both sides until they have a nice color and the crust is crispy.
Ready to serve! Enjoy this Rosemary Naan with a nice fresh salad, cold meat, … Enjoy your meal!

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