Smoked chocolate Pecan Mud Cake with Guinness

Smoked chocolate Pecan Mud Cake with Guinness

Being a bit of a beer lover among even bigger beer lovers I often get some good advice. The “Noa Pecan Mud cake stout” by Omnipollo was introduced to me as one of the best beers on the market by my friends. When talking about beer I”m sure they will be right! And they were indeed! It even got me thinking. If they can make a beer based on a cake, why wouldn’t I try to reverse the process and make a cake inspired on the beer. So I took my chances and added some stout to the pecan mud cake and gave it a BBQ twist by smoking the chocolate. So here you have the result: “Smoked Chocolate Pecan Mud cake” inspired on the Omnipollo beer. 

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Smoked Chocolate Pecan mud cake

The first surprise for this cake comes with the smoked chocolate. I like to experiment with smoking chocolate. But since I’m not much of a baker boy I rarely post anything about it. Last year however I shared these delicious pieces of smoked chocolate bark! They are a real treat I promise you! So why not make some more recipes with smoked chocolate? For our teambuilding last week I had to bake a cake and saw some opportunities. I cold smoked the dark chocolate with my cold smoke generator for 6 hours and used it for the cake. If I will make it again for myself I will smoke the butter too to get a richer smoke taste. But since I was cooking an unknown recipe for my colleagues I didn’t dare to take the risk to oversmoke the cake. So it’s up to you to smoke te butter along with the chocolate or not. By the way. You can also work the fast way by smoking the chocolate while melting it au bain marie. Take a look at the chocolate bark recipe for more information.

Smoked chocolate pecan mud cake

Isn’t it a stout cake?

You bet it is! Making a “Noa Pecan Mud cake” without adding some stout would be a bit retarded. So would it be to add the beer itself to the cake. It’s way to good to use in a cake (and a bit to expensive). So keep your precious stout and serve it along the cake when it’s done. For this cake I add some guiness. To be honest Guiness is a good beer but it’s not at all the best stout out there! So good enough to use in a cake! You won’t believe how much richer your cake will get by using a stout beer in the dough. But this isn’t a new thing so some of you might know it damned well! Yet I wanted more! I wanted to get the cake in balance with some acidity and add more smokey chocolate and stout flavor. So I decided to create a piping gel to top the cake with.

Smoked chocolate pecan mud cake

Smoked chocolate stout piping gel

To decorate the smoked  chocolate pecan mud cake I want a shiny dark surface that’s full of taste. You can keep it sober by mixing water with sugar, maizena. But you can also add a lot of taste to the piping gel. And that’s exactly what I aim for. I decided to add some smoked chocolate and guiness. They bring a nice dark colour and bursting flavors that empower the rich taste of the cake. Since smoked chocolate can be somewhat heavy, it combines well with some acidity. So I decided to add some lemon juice. The balance between the lemon juice, guiness and chocolate must be right to get all flavors in balance! Don’t worry when the lemon tastes a bit overwhelming when you taste the hot piping gel. I found out it gets more balanced when it’s cooling down and is served on top of the cake with some additional pecan nuts. I was a bit careful with it on top of the cake but afterwards I realised it wouldn’t harm to use some more.

Smoked chocolate pecan mud cake

So here you go! Ready to serve the smoked chocolate pecan mud cake to your precious guests! To the really special ones you can serve the Omnipollo pecan mud cake stout with it! You will be blown away by it’s taste (it’s almost like you’re drinking a dessert).  If you have some more baking ideas or beer hints please let me know! You can contact me in the section below or on Facebook. And don’t forget to spread the word!

Smoked chocolate pecan mud cake
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
45 mins
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins

The pecan mud cake stout is simply delicious! So why not turn it the other way round and make it back into a cake... Take a regular mud cake and add some Guinness stout beer. And since we're making the pecan mud cake a truly devine piece of dessert we'll add a layer of depth by smoking the chocolate. 

Serve with a delicious Omnipollo pecan mud cake stout (or some coffee)

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Irish
Servings: 8
  • Hickory Smoke dust Or pecan if you can find some
  • 75 g dark chocolate 70% cocoa solids
  • 100 g unsalted butter plus extra for greasing
  • 200 ml Guinness plus extra for the icing
  • 200 g plain flour
  • 20 g cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 large free-range eggs
  • 200 g golden caster sugar
  • handful of pecan nuts
  • 1 pinch salt
Piping Gel
  • 75 gram golden caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp Maizena
  • 60 ml Lemon Juice
  • 60 ml Guinness
  • 10 gr. Smoked chocolate
  1. Add some smoke dust (I used hickory) to your coldsmoker. Chop the dark chocolate, put it on a sheet of baking paper and smoke for about 4 hrs. minimum. If you want a deeper smoke taste in the Pecan Mud cake you can smoke the butter too! (I prefer it heavy smoked)

  2. Add the butter and smoked chocolate to a heatproof bowl and place it into a pan of simmering water to melt the chocolate and butter (au bain marie). 

    Remove from the heat and let it cool to room temperature.

  3. Once the smoked chocolate and butter is molten, stir in the Guiness and whisk through. Set aside to cool down! Don't wory if it seizes in this stage.

  4. While the chocolate and guiness mixture is cooling down you start your BBQ/oven for indirect cooking at 180ºC/350ºF. When using a BBQ make sure you can get a stable temperature. If you're not sure about this and you don't want to fail use an oven. Since the chocolate is smoked you'll have the taste you want anyway!

  5. Grease a 23cm cake tin with butter. This will help you to remove the cake after it's ready. 

    In a medium bowl, mix the flour, cocoa and baking powder. In another bowl, beat the eggs and sugar for about 3 minutes with an electric mixer until fluffy.

  6. Mix the flour, cocoa powder and baking powder in a large bowl. Use another bowl to beat the eggs and sugar for about 3 minutes. The egg mixture should be slightly fluffy before you go on. 

  7. Add half of the cooled smoked chocolate mixture to the beaten eggs. Stir through. Add half of the flour mixture and stir through again. Repeat this with the second part of each mixture. 

  8. Once the mixture is thoroughly mixed (watch out for clumps), you can chop a handful of pecans and toss it into the mixture. 

  9. Pour all of it in the greased cake tin and put it in the oven/BBQ for about 40-45 minutes. You know the cake is done when you can put a skewer into it and pull back clean. 

  10. Get the cake out of your BBQ and let it cool down for about ten minutes before you place it on a cooling rack. Be careful while you remove it from the cake tin. 

Prepare your smokey guiness piping gel
  1. While the smokey pecan mud cake is cooling down you start making the piping gel. 

  2. Mix all ingredients into a sauce pan and heat gently until it starts to boil. 

  3. Toss in the smoked chocolate and remove from the heat source. Gently stir through until the smoked chocolate has molten. 

  4. Taste and add some more of the desired ingredients. Don't worry if it's tasting a bit sour (not too much). The acidity combines well with the smokey flavor of the Guiness pecan mud cake. 

  5. Let the piping gel cool down and spread it over the cake. Top the cake with some pecan nuts and serve. 

Time prepare your fireplace. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee (or a guiness) and enjoy your delicious cake!
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