Beer glazed Pork Belly Ribs

Beer glazed Pork Belly Ribs

Just look at these incredible Pork Belly Ribs! They are a meatfest on their own combining the excellent spareribs with the juicy fat marbled pork belly meat! You can’t handle more meat on your ribs than these! But there’s more than the ribs! A fantastic homemade rub and a beer based BBQ Sauce with chipotle and mulato peppers for an extra sting.  The Liefmans “Red” fruitesse with red fruits forms a perfect base for this wonderful sweet tasting BBQ sauce!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. All opionions shared are my own. Once again this post has been made possible by the service of Carmans who offered their meat for this project. Brewery De Landing provided their beer for tasting.”

Pork Belly Ribs

Every once a while I receive a package of meat by Carmans N&V in exchange for a recipe to inspire the people. I never know what I’ll get until I open up the package! Can something be more exciting than opening a big box full of meat knowing that I always get a couple of surprises? I guess not! I’m like a kid getting a box full of candy. These giant pork belly ribs were a part of these boxes! Take a look and start to drool! You can’t get any more meat on a rib. I was wondered to see there are no recipes online for these true carnivore ribs. I started to doubt if it was a good idea to prepare them this way or cut them into the regular cuts. Life’s a gamble so I decided to give them a try. What could go wrong after all? Two excellent pieces of meat in one giant slab of ribs.

Pork Belly Ribs


Since no instructions could be found online I used the bit of brains in my head to try and come up with something myself. I’ve tried the 3-2-1 method before but to be honest I prefer my ribs with some bite. Every time I tried this technique I had the idea the ribs were to tender. Mostly I smoke ribs on a slightly higher temperature for about 1 hour and a half (indirect heat). No wrapping just plain smoke with a nice bark as result. So I used the same technique for these but with a longer period of time. After 5 hours I got an internal temperature of 88°C and decided to pull them of the Q. Result some badass juicy smoked ribs with a nice bite.

Pork Belly Ribs

Sumak Rub

Sumak is a typical Middle Eastern plant growing in a subtropical climate. It’s fruit is often dried and crunched to use as spices. The flavor profile is tangy and spicy (not in the hot way). Adding it to a rub brings a beatiful balance to the sweat and salty ingredients. This rub is perfect to use as a dry rub to add after the ribs are cooked. I found out the typical taste of the Sumak is reduced after it’s heatened up so I added some extra in the end. It blends perfect with the fruity flavour of the Fruitesse BBQ sauce used for these Pork Belly Ribs.

Pork Belly Ribs

Fruitesse BBQ sauce

Since I’ve made the Liefmans Beer syrup I was dreaming of making a BBQ sauce based on one of these beer syrups! They are so awesome in taste! Though I prefer the “Liefmans Yell’oh” beer syrup, I made this BBQ sauce with the red version. Liefmans Fruitesse red is made out of red fruits and tastes sweet and fruity making it perfect for a sweet BBQ sauce even the kids would like. The Yell’oh version with a strong pineapple taste has a subtle hop flavor. Since the kids and wife were eating along with some other guests I played safe. I added some extra flavours and a subtle sting by using the chipotle morita and mulato pepper. They are adding a subtle sting and delicious flavor! If you like it spicy you could blend them in the sauce but since the kids were eating along I removed them (damn…).

Pork Belly Ribs

Are you curious to taste these giant ribs? Ask your butcher for some pork belly ribs! Your guests will be blown away to see ribs like these! You can use the recipe or replace the rubs or sauces with your personal favorites. I’d love to hear how they turned out so don’t forget to let me know! If you appreciate this recipe, don’t forget to show some sharing love! Cheers!

Pork Belly Ribs with Fruitesse BBQ Sauce
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
5 hrs
Resting Time
20 mins
Total Time
5 hrs 10 mins

You love ribs and pork belly? Sit tight cause you will be blown by these Pork Belly Ribs! Combining best of both worlds rubbed with a marvelous homemade Rub with Sumak as a refreshing key ingredient! And the stunning Fruitesse BBQ Sauce! A sweet and spicy BBQ sauce with Liefmans “Red” Fruitesse beer and some hot peppers! A true feast for the carnivore! 

Course: Dinner, Main Course
Cuisine: American, Belgian
Keyword: BBQ rub, BBQ sauce, beer sauce, Pork Belly Ribs, Ribs, Rub
Servings: 4 people
  • 2 slabs Pork Belly Ribs
For the Rub
  • 6 parts cane sugar
  • 4 parts smoked salt
  • 3 parts smoked paprika
  • 3 parts sumak
  • 3 parts fennel seeds
  • 2 parts black pepper
  • 1 part cumin
For the Fruitesse BBQ sauce
  • 1.5 cups Beer Syrup Recipe link in instructions below
  • 1/2 cup ketchup Heinz
  • 1 tbsp Mustard
  • 1 tbsp Apple vinegar
  • 1 chipotle morita Optional
  • 1 mulato pepper Optional
  • 1 tsp sumak
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds
  • 0.5 tsp cumin
Finishing touch
  • Seroendeng at taste
  • Lemon zest at taste
Marinating the meat 3 days ahead (optional)
  1. Remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. You can do this by putting a spoon underneath the membrane and carefully lift it. Pull the membrane away with a paper towel (to get some grip)

  2. Start by marinating the ribs for 3 days. You can use the coke brine in this recipe! Though it’s not necessary I think it adds some value to the center of the ribs. If you like the pure taste of meat you can skip this step. 

  3. Remove the ribs from the brine and pat them dry with a paper towel.

Rubbing and smoking
  1. Prepare your BBQ for an indirect smoking session at low temperature about 150°C/300°F. Make sure your dome remains moist during the smoking session by adding a water pan (not necessary for a kamado type bbq).

  2. Meanwhile mix all rub ingredients thoroughly by hand to break up any clumps.

  3. Add the rub to the pork belly ribs. To make them stick you can massage the ribs with some mustard or add some olive oil to the dry rub. Make sure every part of the ribs is covered. 

  4. Add 3 chunks of apple wood to the coals on different spots. Search for lower heat zones to prevent them from burning right away. 

  5. When the smoke turns blue you can add the Pork Belly Ribs to the smoker for 5-8 hours depending on what texture you prefer. I prefer some bite above fall of the bone so I opted for a 5 hr. smoking session. 

BBQ sauce
  1. While the ribs are smoking you can start making your BBQ sauce. Start by heating the spices in olive oil for about two minutes to release the flavors. Add 1.5 cups of beer syrup (recipe here) and gently heat the syrup.

  2. Add the peppers to the beer syrup and let simmer for 10-15 minutes. For a subtle heat you can remove the peppers. For hot and sweaty you can puree them and put them back in the sauce (not for children and the faint of heart).

  3. Add the ketchup and mustard to the syrup and stir through. When your sauce is reduced to the right texture you can put it aside to cool down. 

Back at the ribs:
  1. Keep the lid closed while smoking. You only open it up the last hour to baste the ribs with BBQ sauce every 15 minutes. 

  2. Put the ribs aside while heating up the grill to sear the ribs for about 2 minutes each side. 

  3. Slice the ribs between the bones sprinkle with fresh grated lemon zest, an extra pinch of sumak and Seroendeng (or toasted nuts).

Serve with baked potatoes and some grilled veggies… Nah just eat them the way they are they don’t need sides bro!

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