Daring Disney Sauce – Pittige mangosaus met whisky

Daring Disney Sauce – Pittige mangosaus met whisky

Often people ask what BBQ sauce they should buy… To be honest. I rarely buy commercial sauces. When I do it’s mostly because I’m in lack of time and/or want to make myself an easy meal. But then again… how hard is it to make a delicious homemade sauce? It takes no time and you can create the flavor profile at your desire fit for the meal you are about to prepare. Take this Daring Disney sauce for instance. I’ve created this sauce in a couple of minutes to fit a Turkey Leg I bought at Lidl to make my version of the Disney classic. A daring spicy sweet mango sauce with whisky and candied ginger. But there are many more sauces you might like to find over here.

Disclaimer: Recipe for @lidl Belgium and may contain affiliate links. All opinions shared are honest and personal.

Daring disney sauce
Daring Disney Sauce
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Disney Legs seem to be a big hit @ disney world. Time for a BBQ Bastard interpretation of these giant drumsticks I thought. So I’ve started by making a delicious daring version with a sweet and spicy sauce to glaze them with. Easy yet delicious. Here it is: “The Daring Disney Sauce”. Take a quick look to find out what makes it daring.
Course: BBQ Sauce
Cuisine: American, asian, Mexican
Keyword: BBQ sauce, chili, ginger, hot, mango, whisky
  • 2 jars mango chutney with candied ginger by delicieux
  • 2 Tbsp ketchup
  • 4 Tbsp whisky
  • 3 Tbsp lime juice limoensap or more at taste
  • 1 hot pepper or more at taste
  1. Add the ingredients to a sauce pan and bring near a boiling point. Let gently simmer for a while to mix the flavors.
  2. Blend the sauce with a mixer until you get a nice and smooth sauce.

  3. Pour the sauce in a jar and let cool down.
Use the Daring Disney sauce cold to serve along your meal or as a glaze on your meat. Enjoy your next session.

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