Easy grilled Naan bread recipe with toppings

Easy grilled Naan bread recipe with toppings

Last recipe I posted over here I mentioned our trip to France during holidays. Once back at home it’s tradition to visit family and share stories with each other. Since the kids were tired from traveling, my wife asked her parents over at our place. A good occasion to serve some aperitif with some light snacks. This grilled Naan bread was one of them, served with two different toppings and a nice gin tonic along with it. What does one need more in life?

Easy grilled Naan bread-4963Actually it was once again my wife who came up with the idea for this recipe. She’s following this blog by Pauline Weuring (dutch foodblogger) and read about the 2 ingredient Naan bread she had made. Apart from the “fake” the promise 2 ingredient promise (salt is a 3th to me…), the idea of making these on my bbq again was attractive. Moreover it was a good reason to grill some aubergine along with the grilled naan bread and use the kamado as an oven for making nacho’s. Unfortunately in the hurry for serving the guests I only had some terrible pictures of most snacks…

Grilled naan bread recipe

But why care if I had fun eating it? Hope you don’t mind. If so: please let me know then I’ll take the time for another run on these with good pictures and share them with you. Anyway more about the grilled naan bread. The origin of this “flatbread” recipe lies in Asian kitchen influenced by the Middle-east. It has a long history and is traditionally baked in tandoor ovens fired on wood.Easy grilled Naan bread-4908

Naan bread is used in different ways. Traditionally it’s spread with Ghee and often used as a “spoon” to scoop other foods (stews for instance) or filled like a pita bread. Since it’s introduction in european kitchen it has been used in many different ways ranging from burgers to pizza. I don’t know if rosemary is a regular ingredient in Naan bread but these grilled once are spiced with rosemary too. Since we don’t own a tandoor I grilled them in my kamado thinking it would be closest too traditional cooking. Until I saw this article on cooking tandoori style in your kamado! Interesting read if you ask me! I simply must try cooking this way!

Topping ideas for grilled naan bread

Easy grilled Naan bread-4994As for the toppings of the grilled naan bread my wife went for more traditional toppings we use on toast over here. First one is served with italian prosciutto and arrugola. The other one is served with grilled paris mushroom, grilled sweet bell pepper and finished with buffalo mozzarella cheese. These ingredients match perfectly with the rosemary used in the dough. Maybe not the most traditional way of eating naan bread but after all a delicious appetizer. My parrents-in-law are honest people (or really really good at lying) and enjoy a good meal. They both approved the grilled naan bread with it’s toppings. It is something we’ll make again for sure!
Easy grilled Naan bread-5001

Thank you for taking a moment of time to check out this recipe. If you have any suggestions, advice or you decide to make these I would be happy to hear all about it. If you think this post was great enough to do me a pleasure, I’d be happy to see some shares to promote what I’m doing. Don’t forget to follow on social media if you want to stay tuned for more ;).

Grilled Naan bread recipe with toppings

Grilled Naan bread recipe with toppings


    Dough ingredients
  • 400 gr. self-raising flour
  • 300 gr. whole milk yoghurt
  • 7 gr. salt
  • 1 tbsp. freshly chopped rosemary
  • Toppings
  • 1 sweet bell pepper
  • 100 gr. paris mushroom
  • 1 piece of buffalo mozzarella
  • Prosciutto ham
  • Arrugola


For the dough

1. Start the fire for cooking as hot as you can. Open all vents and/or put your grid as low as possible.

2. Chop the rosemary very thinly and mix it up with the other ingredients. Knead until elastic and slightly sticky.

3. devide the dough in 4 or 8 pieces (depending how big you want them to be)

4. flatten the dough on a oiled surface to prevent from sticking.Make sure it's a flatbread so keep in mind the dough will rise a bit when on the grill.

5. Grill until the naan bread is nicely charred.

You can stop here and serve with whatever you want make the same ones we did:

Adding toppings:

6. Grill the sweet bell pepper and mushrooms (you better do this before you start grilling the naan).

7. Add Prosciutto to the first one and mozzarella, mushrooms and sweet bell pepper to the other.

8. Put the topped naan bread back on the barbecue for about a minute or 2 (indirect heat)

9. Finish the first one with arugola.

10: Both are ready to serve.

Have a great meal!

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Easy grilled Naan bread