Malaysian Curry – Spicewise Book Review

Malaysian Curry – Spicewise Book Review

Malaysian curry inspired by the cookbook

Lot’s of things have been going around over here lately… Actually a lot of things I want to talk about but I found out I need to make some choices. Those interested in more than food could read on. If you’re just interested in this delicious Malaysian Curry recipe or the Malaysian curry powder just scroll down and save them some time. This recipe is inspired on the recipe I found in one of the cookbooks my wife bought me recently. The book is called “Spice wise” and brings some awesome recipes for cooking without salt. To be honest: “I added salt to the recipe since I was missing the salt…” But that’s just a personal thing I guess.

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As some of you might have noticed on instagram, I’ve been busy with my photography training lately. I need to make some assignements by the end of the year. They are pretty awesome to do and I learn a lot about them (to load my battery for instance… sigh) but they also take a lot of time to process. I’m considering to buy a new computer to save me some time (any suggestions are more than welcome). Anyway I don’t want to complain over here since photography is pretty awesome and learns you to give a closer look at the world around us. I went to Dunk!16 for some event pictures about this awesome festival. It was harder than I thought but the music was fantastic!!! Really you should check out the music at the end of this post. I made a playlist from the bands who played the day I went for those interested. Since my battery run low  I don’t have pictures I’m sure enough about to share over here.


The other project I need to work out is a series of portraits. My wife volunteered to participate and how! Her beautiful eyes seem to pop out of the picture! You should see them in real life. She’s just perfect! Not only on the outside since the basics of this post take me back to one of the gifts she bought me recently! She’s pretty modern! Instead of only expecting me to bring some flowers, she occasionally surprises me with cookbooks. How cool is that. The “Spice Wise” book is one of them. It has been written by chef “Michel Hanssen”. The concept of this book consists of bringing superb saltless spice mixes. Serious heart problems made it necessary for him to skip the salt. It didn’t stop stop him from creating these delicious recipes.

Spice wise cookbook

However the concept of this book is cooking saltless, Hanssen isn’t on a quest to ban salt. He allows you to add the amount of salt you prefer. For me I prefer some salt in my meals which doesn’t mean I did not like the recipes. To be honest I actually think they are verry tasteful saltless. Yet I believe the salt (if it’s save for you to eat it) can bring more balance in the palate. Moreover I believe pepper and salt are at taste so I really believe people should follow their own tastebuds. For me that’s mostly why I prefer making homemade rubs and mixes. Not only does this book come with a variation of well balanced recipes from around the world (+ some background information). They are also accompanied by some fine “dark and moody” food photography (look at the cover above)! Exactly my style. Looking at the book makes me dream about pictures like this. Photographer on duty is Bart Nijs from studio 38°C. My compliments to the man for the nice work he delivered.

Malesian curry (1 van 1)-5

Malaysian Curry on the BBQ

I made this recipe two times by now. First time I made the recipe I cooked it on the indoor pit and took some time for nice pictures. Then I decided this recipe was too delicious and needed a BBQ version I could share with you. As you can see in the picture below the photography results in this session were not as they should have been. Nevertheless it tasted delicious so I hope you don’t mind me using a combination of pictures from both sessions. The base for this curry are the Malaysian curry spices you can find in my previous post. I added smoked paprika powder and some salt to the mix because I think they are a tasteful addition.
Malaysian Curry

 As usual I tried to make this completely on the BBQ and had a hard time following the original recipe. The Spice Wise Recipe called for chickpeas instead of chicken and Mango instead of Pineapple and sweetbell peppers. I also replaced the Cashew nuts by raisins and added some sprinkles of “Sushi vinegar” to bring more balance. I just realised I barely followed the instructions. But hey isn’t that what a good cookbook is supposed to do? Inspire people! Give me your thoughts on this!Malaysian curry

Now about the cooking process. I started with rubbing the chicken with a homemade paprika based rub to cure the chicken, but you can use your own favorite here. It is possible to use  the “Malaysian curry powder” on the chicken too but in my opinion the chicken stands out better if it’s spiced with a complimentary rub. While the chicken is marinating you can start the fire and cook the onion, and sweetbell peppers caveman style. Let them cool down so you can safely remove their peel. Once this part is done you put in the platesetter and follow the steps in the recipe below to end with a delicious Malaysian curry.

The result was delicious! As stated before we ate this meal twice. Both times were delicious! In my opinion the sushi vinegar is a nice addition to give this curry a punch! Feel free to go creative on this and let me know what you came up with. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! I’d be happy to help. If you liked this do your friends a pleasure and pass them this recipe. Hope to see them soon!

Malaysian Curry (4 persons)

Malaysian Curry (4 persons)


  • 800 gr. chicken
  • Chicken rub (at desire)
  • 3 Tbsp. Malaysian Curry Powder
  • 2 onions
  • 3 sweet bell peppers
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 pineapple
  • 400 ml. coconut cream
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 100 gr. raisins
  • 2 tsp. smoked paprika powder
  • salt (at taste)
  • sushi vinegar (at taste)
  • Optional:
  • 300 gr. chickpeas
  • 100 gr. cashew nuts


1. About 4 hrs. min. before you start cooking: rub your chicken with your prefered chicken rub. I used a paprika based one. Let the chicken marinate for some hours.

2. Start the fire for direct cooking on medium to high fire (+- 200°C/400°F)

3. Put the onions (unpeeled) and sweet bell peppers in the fire until they are totally black! This way they will get a nice sweet and smokey flavour. Put the bell peppers in a bag and let everything cool down.

4. Put the grid on your BBQ. Cut the zucchini in two parts and grill it together with the chicken. The chicken shouldn't be cooked through since it'll cook further in the curry. Aim for a nice brown skin. The zucchini needs some beautiful grill marks. You could also grill the pineapple but I just realise this as I'm typing...

5. After everything is grilled. Put in the platesetter or prepare your BBQ for indirect cooking on lower heat (+-150°C /300°F)

6. Now the onions are cooled down you can safely remove the burnt peel. Slice them and add them to a large cast iron pot or skillet. Toss in the rest of the vegetables and pineapple. Add the smoked paprika powder and Malaysian Curry Powder and let simmer for a while.

7. After about 5-10 minutes pour in the coconut cream and mix through.

8. Add salt and sushi vinegar until the palate is nicely balanced.

9. Put the chicken in the curry and make sure it's covered. Let cook for about a half to one hour. You need the chicken cooked through.

10. Top with freshly minced parsley and raisins.

11. Serve with bread or rice and have a nice meal!

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