Not a MOINK Ball – maar wat dan wel?

Not a MOINK Ball – maar wat dan wel?

Most of you will probably know the famous MOINK Ball. Yet a lot of versions I see are no MOINK Ball at all! To carry the name you must be able to tick of a set of conditions. Maybe more than some people are aware of. That’s exactly why I call this tribute to the Legendary inside joke snack “Not a MOINK Ball”. It’s not even following the “Noskos Rule” invented for people who couldn’t get the required frozen italian beef balls. But it is my way to celebrate the fun of cooking and sharing passion. The fast way? Or should I call it lazy way? Doesn’t matter! It tastes awesome…

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Somewhere in the summer of 2008 the kickstart of this snack was given. A guy named Larry posted the first MOINK Balls on the BBQ Brethren forum. The guy pulled out some italian meatballs out of his freezer, rubbed them and wrapped it in bacon. Some BBQ sauce on top and smoking time. Soon the idea got picked up by other members buying the Itialan beef meatballs and imitating the original MOINK Ball. A national MOINK Ball day was founded where you could earn a certificate for making the real “MOINK Ball”. You could get the certificate when you made the MOINK Balls on that day with italian meatballs from the freezer and spelled the name right!

Not a MOINK Ball

Some time later the “NOSKOS rule” allowed people who couldn’t buy the italian meatballs in their region to make their own meatballs from scratch. Noskos from was the first person following this rule and got the rule named after him. How delicious it is. In my opinion it’s not the easy recipe which was invented by using frozen meatballs. So I broke the rules and bought me another type of meatballs (and call them “Not a MOINK Ball) to honour the idea. Not MOO (cow sound) and OINK (bacon sound 😉 ) but just OINK… The Liège balls are no beef balls but pork mince balls.

So here you go… My interpretation of the inside joke snack who shouldn’t be called MOINK Balls. As you might have figured out, they really are “Not a MOINK Ball”. Does that make sense? Let me know ;). Anyhow it’s a delicious snack you should try soon!

Not a MOINK Ball
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins

“This is Not a MOINK Ball”. Why not? it looks like one? That’s right. Yet it isn’t! In the post above I’ll explain you why and for what reason we shouldn’t call this a “MOINK Ball”. Yet it’s an ode to the legendary BBQ snack worth tasting!

Course: Appetizer, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: American, asian
Keyword: asian style, bbq, grills, kamado recipes, MOINK Ball, smoked, Traeger
Servings: 6 balls
  • 6 Liège Balls Lidl (or other premade balls)
  • 6 slices bacon
  • 150 ml asian style bbq sauce (vitasia) or sweet and sour sauce
  • 1 lemon for the juice
  • 1 spring onion
  • fried onions at taste
  1. Prepare your smoker for an indirect session at low temperature (100°C). For this recipe I’ve used the Traeger Ironwood with Pecan Pellets
    When using another type of BBQ you might need a heat deflector and add some chunks of smokewood to the coals. 

  2. While the BBQ is getting temperature. Mix the lemon juice with the asian BBQ sauce. When using a different type of BBQ sauce taste for the right balance.

  3. Roll the balls in the sauce you’ve made and wrap them in a slice of bacon. Skew with a toothpick and roll them a second time in the BBQ sauce. 

  4. Put the “Not a MOINK Balls” on the grid and smoke them at low temperatur for 1 hour. Use the supersmoke on your pellet grill for extra flavor. The balls are ready when the sauce sticks to the balls.

Finish with some sliced spring onions and fried onions at taste. Have a nice meal!

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