BBQ Kids: Chocolate Breadpudding

BBQ Kids: Chocolate Breadpudding

Back to school! Here we go again. Children preparing for the new school year. My son is looking forward to see his friends again. It’s awesome to see his enthousiasm. Then again I know he’ll be tired most of the time! He will need some energy. Realizing this I remembered this recipe I made at the beginning of the holiday period. I think my sons would appreciate doing this over on wednesday in the afternoon.

 My kids enjoy helping in the kitchen! It’s heartwarming as a father, to see your kids sharing your passion. If you have some recipes you made with your BBQ Kids, I’ll be happy to read them! Might give me some inspiration for another father-son moment!

BBQ Kids: here we go!


  • 0.4 l whole milk
  • 80 g brown sugar
  • 80 g white sugar
  • 240 g Bread Leftovers
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • 160 g chocolate covered raisins (or regular raisins if you can’t find them)
  • 4 Eggs
  • 10 gr. Vanilla Sugar
  • 20 g Butter

Preparation: First you start by firing up the BBQ (indirect fire) at 180°C (350°F). While you’re bbq is getting hot you have enough time to prepare the breadpudding. Start by infusing the milk with the sugar. Once the sugar has melted you remove the pan from the fire. While cooking the milk you can start pulling the bread in little pieces. This is something kids love to do (pure focus): Food-8392

Put the bread in a large bowl and pour the hot sweetened milk in the same bowl. Put the bowl aside for a few minutes. Once the bread is soaked you can start pureeing the mixture with a fork.

Food-8405Add the stirred egg, cinnamon and chocolate raisins to the bread puree and mix the mass through. You will see some of the chocolate will melt under the breadpudding spreading a nice and subtle chocolate flavour. I admit: this stage doesn’t look verry tasteful… Butter a baking mold and pour the mixture in it! If you don’t butter the mold you will end up with troubles to remove the breadpudding when ready so don’t forget. I used a fireproof saucepan since I ruined my last mold… But the saucepan did the job verry well (and it looks cool better).


Put the baking mold in your bbq over indirect fire for about 50 minutes! The breadpudding is ready when your knife or a needle stays clean after piercing the dough. Place a plate on top of the Breadpudding and turn it upside down to remove the cake from the mold. You can choose to serve hot with some ice cream, or you can put it aside for about an hour to let cool the cake cool down.

BBQ Kids
How did it taste?

Adding chocolate was a good move! It created a subtle extra flavour! Then again I think I will use a little less milk next time. We had a fun moment together and both enjoyed the rest of the afternoon! Leftovers were gone and I’ve never seen the kids eating that much bread in such a short time.

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