Drunk Côte à l’os in whisky

Drunk Côte à l’os in whisky

Brace yourself for some Badass BBQ madness! What’s a better combination than Beef, smoke and whisky? You don’t know? Me neither so here is the beef recipe you’ll be dreaming of tonight. This drunk Côte à l’os is a feast for your tastebuds. Tender juicy and packed full of flavor. Time to get the fire burning and create some grillporn.

Drunk Cote a l'os

For this recipe I’ve reverse seared a Blonde d’Aquitaine Côte à l’os. The “Blonde d’Aquitaine” is a French breed with a large meat to bone ratio. The muscled cows mostly grow up in their natural environment and build up big muscles with a thin structure. The flavor is intense and however it’s not much marbled it’s a tender and juicy piece of beef perfect for reversed sear method. The Côte à l’os is a french/european cut that could be described as a bone in Rib-eye steak.

Drunk cote a l'os

I’ve seasoned the steak with Traeger Prime Rib Rub and whisky before smoking it on Pecan wood using the Traeger Ironwood 885. Afterwords seared it in a blazing hot cast Iron skillet for some Maillard madness and quenched with whisky for extra flavor. All worked out perfectly. The steak was nicely seared on the hot fire of the pellet BBQ and still remained nice and tender by reverse searing it. The smoke flavor was well present and the touch of whisky in the end might have ruined the crust a tad yet it had a nice subtle sweet flavor combining well with the beef flavor.

Drunk Cote a l'os

Serve this delicious drunk cote a l’os with the Israelian couscous I shared recently and I bet you’ll regret you didn’t buy an extra steak. Some traditionalists might shout out Pepper and salt is the only thing beef needs! I agree but it’s not because it doesn’t need more it’s not good to do so. Curious to hear your thoughts on this! Let me know on social media and share your delicious BBQ porn with us!

Whisky Quenched Drunk Côte à l’os
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 hr 10 mins
Resting time
20 mins
Total Time
1 hr 15 mins

What’s better than a slowly reverse seared piece of beef? Quenched with a good sip of whisky for extra flavor explosion! What are you waiting for? Time to stalk your butcher!

Course: Beef, Main Course, steak
Cuisine: American, French
Keyword: Beef, Coldsmoked, cote a l’os, Drunk, kamado recipes, pecan wood, quenched, Steak, Traeger, whisky
Servings: 4 people
  • 1 piece Côte à l’os in this case Blonde d’Aquitaine
  • Traeger Prime Rib Rub at taste
  • 1 big shot Whisky
  • Pecan Pellets
  1. Prepare your smoker for a session on low temperature 75-100°C. When using a Traeger Pelletsmoker like I did here you can use the supersmoke modus with pecan pellets for extra smoke taste. For other BBQ types you can add some pecan woodchunks to te coals and work indirect. 

  2. While the BBQ is gaining temperature, rub the Côte à l’os with whisky, salt and Traeger Prime Rub at taste. 

  3. Smoke the Côte à l’os to the internal temperature of 45°C. This takes about an hour (depending on the heat of your BBQ and thickness of your steak). 

  4. Remove the Côte à l’os from the grid and bring your smoker to maximum heat (206°C). Add a large Cast Iron tray to the fire to gain temperature for searing. It needs to be blazing hot. 

  5. Sear the Côte à l’os to get the stunningly delicious Maillard reaction. Turn the steak and sear the other side. 

  6. Quench with a big shot of whisky and let cook for two more minutes each side. Snij tegen de draad in en serveer met een heerlijk bijgerecht!

Let rest and cut against the grain. Serve with a delicious sidedish like the Israelian couscous salad shared in the text above. Have a nice meal!

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