Herb Crusted Salmon on the Himalayan saltrock

Herb Crusted Salmon on the Himalayan saltrock
First of all a happy easter to you all… It’s Sunday morning and it itches to start cooking. I bet you know the feeling… As usual it’s hard to choose what to make since the bucketlist is full of options… I don’t know how things are running at your place but over here my family is the audience. They’re the king customers at our home restaurant. That’s why I try to alternate between experimenting with crazy ideas (you only see half of it) and making recipes I know they will like. This herb crusted salmon is a combination of both. I hope to hear about your story in comments below. On what base do you choose what to prepare? 

Herb Crusted Salmon

Looking for something different to prepare your salmon? Try Herb crusted salmon

Salmon is always a big hit over here. Both my wife and the kids love salmon. My youngest son even asks for salmon in the supermarket. The boy is 2 and a half years old. You can’t say he has a bad taste. It was hard to get around the salmon. Then again I thought it was a great moment to try something new. I had never made herb crusted salmon before.


The Himalayan Saltrock I talked about in the Quails recipe brings a better taste on fish than on meat or poultry. Why shouldn’t I use it in this recipe? Well afterwards I could tell you it takes some time to clean the stone afterwards… But it’s an awesome show cooking tool that brings a nice and subtle salt flavour. I might use it again if I have the time to warm the stone. If you don’t own a saltrock don’t worry… You could also use a plate and salt the salmon itself… It could save you some time but drop on a level on the show cooking scale (as far as it’s important to score high on that part). In my opinion it’s a nice way to present your meal while it adds some taste. 

You could save some time I said? Yes indeed… If you don’t want your saltrock to break in pieces you need to warm it up easily. Start by preparing your fire for low heat about 2 hrs. before you want to use the saltrock. Put it in the BBQ/Oven and gradually raise the temperature (+- every 30 minutes). After 2 hrs. you should get to a dome temperature near 180°C/350°F.

Herb crusted salmon
After the stone reached the right temperature I put the salmon on the stone skin side up for about a minute. This way you get salt on both sides of the salmon. After 1 minute you turn the salmon skin side down and put the herb crust on top of it. It takes about 10 minutes to get the crust slightly crispy. As you can see the proteins in the salmon started to coagulate a bit since the crust asked some time to get firm. Then again the salmon was still moist and enjoyable to eat. I read afterwards that a short brining session from about 10 minutes might have been enough to prevent the salmon proteins to jellify. So if you try this herb crusted salmon recipe you might want to do it this way… Then the saltrock could be replaced by a regular plate for sure.

I want to thank aspicyperspective for the idea. This recipe is oven convertable but as usual I recommend cooking on fire! The taste is always richer! We served this delicius herb crusted salmon with Ricotta stuffed potatoes and zucchini casserole (both recipes will follow soon). These side dishes were new for me too. The kids were fond of the salmon and potatoes but put their jokers on the zucchini! Luckily for me they don’t know how good zucchini tastes! Unfortunately they know how delicious salmon tastes… I’m looking forward to hear your stories. Do you have some experience with the saltstone? What do your children like? Maybe I can get some inspiration out of your story. Feel free to share some recipes. 

Herb crusted Saltstone Salmon

Herb crusted Saltstone Salmon


  • 500 gr. salmon
  • ¼ cup breadcrumbs
  • ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 2 minced cloves of garlic
  • Fresh chopped thyme, rosemary and oregano
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2 tbsp. melted butter


1. Fire up your BBQ at 100°C +- 2hrs. before you want to serve your meal and put the Himalayan saltrock in the BBQ over indirect fire.

2. Let the temperature gradually rise to 180°C. This way your stone won't break into pieces.

3. Mix all ingredients except the salmon and butter.

4. Place the salmon with skin side up on the saltrock for a minute.

5. Meanwhile mix the melted butter with the breadcrumb mixture.

6. Carefully turn the salmon on the other side and spread the breadcrumb

over the salmon.

7. The salmon is ready +- 10 minutes later when the crust is hard.

8. Have a nice meal

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