Reverse seared Tomahawk Steak – Meatporn mania

Reverse seared Tomahawk Steak – Meatporn mania

Reverse seared Tomahawk steak! One of the masterpieces of beef that speaks to the imagination of any BBQ lover! Maybe our inner child awakes while fighting against the cowboys in our imagination. Or is it the caveman in us drooling by the thought of ripping the meat from the bone with our bare teeth? Probably the combination of both! Anyway looking at the piece itself gives enough reason to start drooling. The reverse seared Tomahawk steak is just the piece you want to dig into!

Disclosure: “This post contains affiliate links. All opionions shared are my own. Once again this post has been made possible by the service of Carmans who offered their meat for this project. Brewery De Landing provided their beer for tasting.”


This Tomahawk steak is a cut from the chuck of the cow with the bone left complete. Yet cut free from excrescent pieces of meat and fat. Being a part of the shoulder this meat has done quite some work. Leading to a lovely tasteful piece of meat with a nice marbling of fat. Yet it’s at risk for getting tough when cooked high and fast. Reverse seared Tomahawk steak is your solution! By smoking the Tomahawk steak low and slow the proteins will be able to break up and soften the meat while remaining juicy! And that’s about the hardest part for this piece. You don’t need a lot of seasonings since salt and pepper are good enough! This piece of meat is delicious pure tasting madness! As long as you’re able to control your fire!

Tomahawk steak


This reverse seared Tomahawk steak was delivered by my favorite meat store Carmans. This piece is an Irish Nature quality labeled piece. Referring to the Irish breed grazing in the Irish grasslands. This breeding process leeds to a race of cows producing top quality meat! Delicious in taste due to the grass they are fed up with and well marbled due to the movement they have ranging free in the lands. The philosophy of the producers is bringing durable authentic meat! Job well done! Moreover they guarantee a tender piece of meat by using patented butchering and processing methods. If you want to read more about it: This is the place.

Tomahawk steak


Like mentioned before the technique for reverse seared Tomahawk steak works perfect! Unlike the traditional method of searing the meat first and resting afterwards, this technique flips the order of the cooking process. By smoking the meat first it can take more smoke taste and remain a juicy tender structure. Moreover it’s easier to bring up the heat of your coals than cool them down! So after slowly cooking the Reverse seared tomahawk steak until 48°C internal temperature, you can rest the meat while turning up the heat and sear the piece afterwards. This leading to a delicious dry crust full of flavour caused by the glorious Maillard reaction.

Tomahawk steak

Resting the meat

This process is a crucial part! By grilling the meat the juices will get to the surface of your meat. In order to get them equally devided you’ll need some resting time. You can do this by putting it aside softly packed under thinfoil (or better: butcher paper). Don’t wrap it to thightly though, you don’t want to soften the crust. Flip the Tomahawk steak halfway the resting period for tbest result. Once you’ve taken the time to rest the reverse seared Tomahawk steak, you need to slice it against the grain and finish with some pepper. If you add the pepper before grilling the Tomahawk steak, you risk burning the pepper leading to a bitter taste. Serve with a fresh beer and some chimichurri or flavored butter! I bet your inner caveman will dance from joy!

Tomahawk steak

Does this reverse seared Tomahawk steak sounds delicious to you? Time to make your own! I’d be glad to see your result appear on social media! Tag me with @the_bbq_bastard so I can take a look! Btw If you have some more questions! Don’t hesitate to contact me and ask! Have fun! Simon.

Reverse Seared Tomahawk steak
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
40 mins
Resting time
15 mins
Total Time
45 mins

Though, flavorful and tender! That’s how a Steak should be! Lit your campfire and start sending some smoke signals to your neighbours! This reverse seared Tomahawk steak will get the party started! Before you know all of you will be dancing round the Totem Pole begging for more of this meatcandy!

Course: Main Course, Meat
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Beef, reverse seared, Steak, Tomahawk
Servings: 4 People
  • 1 Tomahawk steak 700-1000 gr.
  • Salt at taste (don’t be eager on this one)
  • Pepper at taste
  • Wood chunks like apple wood
  1. Prepare your BBQ (for instance a Kamado Joe) for an indirect session on low heat (+- 110°C/230°C). You can do this by using the platesetter or devide your coals in to regions (when using another type of bbq like this).

  2. Add a royal amount of coarse salt to the Tomahawk steak at room temperature. Put aside for another ten minutes to let the salt mingle with the meat juices and get back into the meat. 

  3. Add a couple of chunks to the fire and wait until the smoke is getting thin and blueish. Put the platesetter back in your Kamado and put the meat on the indirect heat zone of your BBQ. 

  4. Smoke the Tomahawk steak until you get an internal temperature from about 48°C/118°F). 

  5. Remove the Tomahawk steak and let rest under thin foil for min. 15 minutes while you heat up the BBQ to a hot range. If possible create an indirect zone by using a half platesetter. In case of flare-ups you can move the Tomahawk steak to the indirect zone. 

  6. Grill the Tomahawk steak on the high fire zone for about 1à2 min. each side to form a nice crust (love the Maillard reaction). This technique is called reverse seared since you sear the steak after smoking it. 

  7. Cut the Tomahawk steak against the grain in thin slices and finish with freshly ground black pepper. 

  8. Dien op met wat kruidenboter of chimichuri, een lekkere gepofte aardappel en asperges of andere groenten. Smakelijk!
Ready to serve! You can add a poached potato, asparagus, flavored butter, chimichuri, … whatever you want! But keep it pure and simple! This meat rocks!

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