Pulled Pork Dürüm with mustard sauce

Pulled Pork Dürüm with mustard sauce

A number of consecutive summer days can only lead to brilliant BBQ results. The Pulled pork and ribs fly around our ears on social media from which the question often follows: “What can we do with the Pulled Pork leftovers now?” Just pack them decently and store them in the freezer so you can make a delicious Pulled Pork Dürüm like this one later on. Pulled Pork is almost a standard item in our freezer. Very handy if you don’t have a lot of time and still want to create something tasty in busy moments like I’m going through these days due to some people stealing my pics for commercial use… Anyway don’t need to bother you with that stuf. Enjoy this delicious meal and the smoking process!

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I’ve wasted enough time on the disrespectful reactions when confronting those people with what they’re doing. Back to the joy of life, that’s what this blog is made for. Sharing joy and passion with the aim of having less time to pay attention to negativity. As mentioned earlier, a stock of Pulled Pork in the freezer is very handy for days like today where you have your head spinning around everywhere. This Pulled Pork dürûm was made on such a day. Today it was another delicious quick dish that you will read more about soon ;). After a morning in which I had some time to make a nice “Mustard sauce” for a new recipe all kinds of things mixed up the planning. So I had to switch to plan B. The quick pickled red cabbage and Pulled Pork from the freezer were a nice addition to this sauce so I didn’t need hours to finish my original dish and still could conjure up a delicious meal to end the day in peace.

Pulled Pork Dürüm


On this blog you can already find some articles describing the steps to make pulled pork. In this post I’ll also go over some considerations that can help you make certain choices when preparing your pulled pork for this delicious Pulled Pork dürüm. The leftovers from the freezer came from the session in which I thoroughly tested the Ikamand. As this preparation was mainly a test of the Ikamand, I decided to test the Moomami of Angus and Oink as well. A nice rub although I found the description a bit more interesting than the final taste. Although the bark was very beautiful and tasteful. As you can see from the post it was a very long run, but the result was maybe the best Pulled Pork I’ve made.


Different than usual when preparing the Pulled Pork I decided to cook it this time in a Carolina Mustard sauce with Rum that I had made in the morning. As an extra flavouring I quickly made pickled red cabbage. A simple but tasty sidedish that tastes great with some fresh sour apples through it.

Pulled Pork Dürüm

I feel like getting hungry again by thinking back at this meal. This Pulled Pork dürüm will probably be made here again at times when we don’t have much time. For the kids with a different sauce. It turned out to be a bit on the spicy side for them, but apart from that they ate their bellies nice and round again. Have fun making this dish. Don’t hesitate to share your findings on social media and tag me with it or share this post if you enjoyed it! You’ll help this blog grow and create more fun opportunities.

Pulled Pork Dürüm recipe
Do you also keep your Pulled Pork leftovers in the freezer? Then you already have one step ahead and in no time you can make this delicious Pulled Pork Dürüm, or you can sit back and relax after lighting the fire and take the time to make delicious fresh Pulled Pork. Either way… In the end you will enjoy your work.
  • 500 gr Pulled Pork see links in blogpost for recipes
  • Homemade Mustard Sauce See links in blog post for the recipe
  • 4 wraps
  • 1 sour apple
Fast pickled red cabbage
  • 1/2 of a small red cabbage
  • 30 cl white vinegar
  • 10 cl balsamic vinegar
  • 5 tablespoons sugar
  • 5 pieces of star anise
  • 1 bay leaf
  1. Make the Pulled Pork according to a dish of your choice to be found in this recipe overview for Pulled Pork.

  2. Mix the ingredients for the brine of the red cabbage and bring gently to the boil. Meanwhile, cut the red cabbage into Julienne and add to a weckpot. Pour over the brine and set aside for 10 hours.
  3. Make the Mustard Sauce according to the instructions in this post.

  4. Heat the wraps in the BBQ or oven and place the Pulled Pork on the hot wraps and season to taste with mustard sauce according to your preference in quantity.
  5. Add some pickled red cabbage and sour apple cut in julienne and fold the Pulled Pork dürüm tightly.
  6. Have a great meal

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